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Mimglow, Bxl Boy idea for Canadian Championship

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I was looking at Brazilian Soccer and I wanted to present this idea to you.

Part 1: Open all the Provincial Open Cups to include Canadian USL teams such as the Impact, Whitecaps, Chill, etc. These provincial Open Cups would be played from May to August.

Part 2: Turn the existing Challenge Cup, which is only open to amateur teams and is played in one October weekend into the Canadian Championship. To get in, a team must win its Provincial Open Cup.

This Canadian Championship would be played from September to end of October or early November. The teams would play each other once in a home and away format, and the top two winners would go on for a final in Vancouver or Victoria, where it is possible to play soccer year-round. There are several advantages to this format including : Canada would get a <<National League>> without having to force Canadian A-League teams to leave that league, the winner of this Canadian Championship would get to play in the CONACAF Champions Cup.

What do you think?

Looking forward to your reply.

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