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Following Norway-based Players

David C.

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For those interested in following our Norway-based players, there is a good website called VG Nett Fotboll.



It includes player ratings for each game and compliles a league-wide player ranking. I believe that it is a 10-point grading system, however, players rarely seem to receive more than 6 points a game.

It is in Norwegian only. The following may help:

Tabell = League table

Best pa borsen = League wide player rankings

Our players currently rank as follows:


Marco Reda: 4,75 avg. (about top 45%)

1. Division:

Milan Kojic: 4,75 avg. (about top 25%)

Rob Friend: 4,62 avg. (about top 35%)

Patrice Bernier: 4,56 avg. (about top 40%)

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