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Brief Chat with Martin Nash


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Hey everyone!

Was at the Impact-Lynx match last night, and was fortunate enough to engage Martin Nash in a little chat after match.

I mentioned his glorious cross against Germany, to which he blushed. Yeah, the guy actually BLUSHED!!! Then I told him that I'd be in Boston with whole bunch of other Canadians, and he said he hoped to be there...

I told him I was sure he'd be selected, to which he half-jokingly replied "You never know with Holger!".

Thought I'd pass this little tid-bit along...

Mimglow, Ottawa


Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

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Actually got a few lads to choose from in the middle there. Might be a few disappointed faces when it comes to choosing the 1st team. Thinking Nash should be allright though but formations against certain opponents could rule him out.

Nice post. Love to hear anything I can about our guys.

Minority of one

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