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Impact vs Storm (R)


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Montreal 4 Calgary 0

Montreal is a blueprint for any potential soccer franchise in Canada. Even without Nash and Pizzolito and Sutton (on the bench), they looked really good. Matondo was deadly out there. DiTullio, Lemire, Williams -- all Canada age group players who appeared in this game as well.


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quote:Originally posted by Cooks

Even with the PK blunder, Sebrango is an absolute joy to watch (too bad he was wearing the wrong colour jersey).

He consistently made moves, passes, and plays that had me shaking my head in admiration.

You've got something good there in Montreal. Enjoy.



http://members.tripod.com/stormwatch2001/ - Home of the StormChasers

You're right about that and it's good to see that the fans are responding and going to see them play. I guess we can expect a good crowd again this Friday against Toronto.



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IT's against Toronto.

The very next Friday, (the 13th I think), it will be against Pittsburgh. With good weather we could expect a solid 5500 or even more at both game!

About the ultras, if anybody cares, they should be stronger than ever. About 40 of them at the first and only home game this season...

And thanks for the positive comments about our players, we do enjoy it, don't worry! But it's fair from you..


Well, it's the first time I post on this board so I introcue myself, I'm Jean-François or Bob and I am an active member of the Ultras Montréal!

I'm relatively new at supporting local soccer but I become very quickly a very big fan of it.

Ok then..


Ultras Montréal: EXAGÉRONS

Avec Nous qui voudra; contre nous qui pourra!


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