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    • His wages aren't that high though, are they? IF I am accurate and he is in the 200-250K range, that's not cheap for a super sub, but it's not exorbitant for a player like him, who Montreal misused at times in my opinion. I think he's a starter in this league, so if you're another club looking for a starter or potential starter who knows the league, is 250k plus an international out of the question?  I prefer France though, or Belgium. 
    • 85K USD is 6-figures in CAD last time I checked.  And like you said, Zouhir was a loan. If we were talking about Montreal loaning him to San Antonio next seaason that would indeed be better than CPL for all the reasons we are talking about (chance in new league, higher level, etc.). We agree he deserves another shot in MLS before USL or CPL. This is true about more scouts, but what percentage of players are moving on to a better level from USL versus CPL? It seems to me that CPL is moving a higher percentage of players on, but maybe that's ignorant and I am not as plugged into what's happening down there. What do you think? Also, since the level is higher (supposedly) wouldn't that mean a player of Rea's level is less likely to shine? Zouhir killed it in Texas, but how much of that was down to the right system, coaching, etc? Granted USL would have some advantages, but also more risks, and if he's going to take some risk (nothing wrong with that) I would prefer he just go to Europe. Sounds like you maybe perfer that too: What you say below is a good point and that's where there is risk in going to the CPL too. I think it would have to be a quick in-and-out, but there's no guarentee he gets back out and moves on. And again, my perception is that if he goes to CPL or USL, it needs to be a quick stay, but since my perception is that CPL is easier to move on from in general (could be wroung) I think that's why I lean CPL here (if that makes sense). There's also the fact he knows the league so more of a chance to shine, I am thinking.... what say you?  
    • I would guess this has to do with salary and not wanting to pay a super sub all this money. ZBG started 14 games this year and per my count, Montreal only won 3 of them, with their only win with him in the starting lineup since the July international window being against TFC. Montreal plays with a back 3- they have Waterman who is excellent, Corbo who is very good, Campbell who is solid and the new kid Alvarez who they’re trying to flip to Europe. Their midfield always needs to feature Choiniere, Piette and Saliba, and on the outside, they prefer going with guys like Lassiter and Lapalainen which makes ZBG the odd man out. The way this team is structured, it makes no sense to keep a guy unless he’s cheap or has transfer value, and ZBG is not the former and the older he gets, the less he has of the latter.    I think going back to France for a pay cut and see what happens is his best move. I don’t know which MLS team would pay his wages and give him a starting spot since he wasn’t a full time starter on one of the worst teams in the league this past season. The Abzi pathway could be good for him. 
    • PFFTTT!!  He hasnt even been to a game.  Its easy to throw Halifax out there as an example of success, but its so specific and unique to their situation it gets annoying after awhile.  Who else can replicate a perfect little public space with a long sports history in a decent sized city starved for pro sports and a public who likes the "party atmosphere" and doesnt seem to care much that the team has little onfield success.   WPG sucks..attendance/interest goes down.  I really hope they get their permanent stadium situation figured out because it doesnt seem like there is a lot of interest (ie public money) in putting a permanent soccer specific solution in their perfect location.  I always wonder how much money are HFX leaving on the table, not having a extra couple thousand seats.   Everyone else has had to make do with existing stadiums that dont fit our needs (Wpg,Ottawa,Forge,FCE) or build something from scratch (Calgary/Pacific/VFC)and struggle with expansions, upgrades and teething problems.  I just hope the league lasts long enough and gathers enough interest that we can get more midsize success stories and build a "soccer nation" not just in the 3 biggest sports meccas, but coast to coast.    
    • I'm a little worried about what this means for Saliba.  If Renard is doing this without a head coach in place, does this indicate a transition away from youth and towards more veteran players for more immediate success?  That would be a terrible shame as I think Saliba is one of the best projects in the pipeline.  I'd hate to see him nailed to the bench for some 28 year-old journeyman.
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