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  2. On the CPL website home page, click on "CPL" and then you should see a "Stats" selection to lead you to the league leaders.
  3. The timing could not have been better... in retrospect if there was a good time for this team to have such a heart breaking setback, it was during the Gold Cup, and not when they had to play matches relevant to World Cup Qualification.
  4. There's no way Telfer wants to stay in the league, right?
  5. It has been alluded to, and I haven’t run the numbers or looked up their potential opponents in that playoff, but losing that game would almost definitely cost them points even after factoring in two more wins. Games against teams ranked significantly lower than you are high risk, low reward. That’s why I brought up earlier the points Canada made up on El Salvador. Our win against the USA was worth more than their two wins combined this window. And their loss to Dominican Republic cost them more than two wins worth of points as well. So yes, by playing poorly enough they will get more chances with the x25 multiplier, but it would be a net loss, probably even if they managed to meet Jamaica and beat them.
  6. Temguia: no didic? no need..Im gonna show that Im a bigger baller out here
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  8. Like many have already said, this was an excellent performance by Canada. The win is exactly what the team needed to distinguish itself from squads of the last decade and to show it can compete as a top team in Concacaf. Canada's last win against the U.S. may have been in 1985, but we were robbed in 2007. For me, the win tonight was retribution for that Gold Cup loss, and we didn't need a ref to bail us out. Great job to the whole gang.
  9. Credit to the coverage last night. It was a big night and the coverage enhanced that. Wheeler is going to wheeler. Loved his battle with bias restraint and pure unbridled joy! I know the crowd and atmosphere were immense but I also think one media did a fantastic job of micing the crowd. That noise came through so well. Only niggle was the coverage afterwards. Biggest result for Canada in decades and of course the majority of media time focuses on the US team, and interviewing their players and coach. By the time it got to herdman he had one question and they were out of time. Overall they matched the qualify of Canada on the field though. So bravo.
  10. That was the best lineup y9 had put out all year and the best result. If they can keep telfer i think they could win something next season.
  11. Oh yea yesterday, I loved the "fu©k the USA" chant yesterday... Sigh what a night!
  12. https://www.sportsnet.ca/shows/tim-and-sid-show/canadas-mens-soccer-deserve-coverage-historic-win/ Worthy listen from Tim and Sid. Sid is one of the loudest voices for Canada Soccer in the country IMO. He's a massive fan of the team. He brings up some good points regarding the sports place in the Country.
  13. Solid performance by the boys. That was a brutal display of officiating though and allowing Escalante to dive and roll his way to a Samuel red card was absolutely shameful. Wasn't this supposed to be the no-diving league?
  14. I think they film in the afternoon (after the Euro 20 qualifiers but before the Canada-US game) so they may speak about it on tomorrow’s show.
  15. we haven't represented unattached FC for like 4 years or so, except a one off with Edgar I think
  16. Should El Salvador win their group, at least we know that once November is over, they won't have any more matches with a 25 multiplier since League B doesn't have any kind of a championship playoff round. Curacao's match with Costa Rica a few days ago was going to earn them 15 points if they won, so I would imagine that a similar number of points will be on the table again when they play each other next month. It seems like we are about 16 points ahead of Curacao now, so even if Curacao did defeat Costa Rica at home, it wouldn't be ideal but we would still be pretty much even, and we'd have the chance to stay ahead of them when we play our November match in Orlando.
  17. Is there a stats section on the CPL website?
  18. I think cable networks better start playing ball with streaming services or they ll end up like the music industry. Spent years fighting against the future when they could have been apart of the future And Sid just confirmed what I've been saying.. it's not lack of interest or money. It's behind the scenes politics. CSA is in bed with Onesoccer for the next 10 yrs. They're not DAZN. The Canadian publicdeserves better. Why not work together?
  19. CSA Twitter has Brienza, from the Whitecaps' academy, with our goal.
  20. Given Herdman's Blood Guts and Thunder quote, I think we should definitely try to do this next game.
  21. The way i see it.... If Berhalter gets canned between now and Nov, the new coach will surely want to make a statement and beat us bad to come out a hero. However that plays into our hands as i truly feel we have the tools to hurt them where they are weak. If we play with Berhalter as coach again, i see them being really conservative vs our conter-attack threat. Either way, should be interesting.
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