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  2. What sadistic bastard dreams up a thing like that?
  3. I'm guessing he's saying that because of where the broadcast games are being played. Halifax 6 Hamilton 4 York 4 Pacific 3 Valour 2 Cavalry 1 Edmonton 0 Are there some sort of limitations to Clarke stadium that is preventing them from getting any home games on the schedule? Less than optimal sight lines for cameras?
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  5. @BuzzAndSting He did not contact the league and the league did not contact him. I'm sure it's not as easy as just reaching out to get noticed or interest, like you said most of this is through agents, contacts, within the inner circles of Canadian soccer and who the coaches know
  6. And Mamadi Camara? The NCAA D2 standout with Simon Fraser University who got himself noticed at the MLS Combine and drafted by SJ Earthquakes this year
  7. Yeah the majority of guys don't really have agents they just go to their "parents" country with a few contacts in hope of landing a contract, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesnt. I did ask him if any teams ever reached out to him and he said no He was released by his club in Serbia in December, and the open trials were from September to November - Hamilton being October 1 & 2. So it's not possible for him to have been as you can see No the league is not to blame, it's the clubs head coaches who sign the players at the end of the day. It's unfortunate and quite frankly frustrating to see a guy like this and so many others go to waste, before it was because there was nowhere on go and now he just fell through the cracks or was identified but not picked. All 7 coaches resort on the Canadians they do know Like I said before the league did however provide a list of 200 Canadians playing in europes lower leagues and around the world to the coaches and some coaches used that info but most did not. Pacific signed ex whitecaps, FC Edmonton signed u of a guys, academy graduates and Edmonton native pros, cavalry is pretty much foothills, valour - lots of former U20 youth Canada players from rob gales time, forge is sigma, HFX is a mix of everything, and York 9 is GTA based. Im very happy and couldn't be prouder of this league forming, but the coaches need to look at ALL Canadians not just the ones they know. Because otherwise this happens, a talent is overlooked because of no familiarity, with 10-12-16 teams and beyond this will be fixed
  8. If that is the case, they need to redesign the facilities. It happens at Camp Nou in the higher tiers, where I was vs Man United (I get moved around every match, for reasons not in my control) because of course they are pushed back to the limit of the stadium's bowl and there is less concourse. Here you have to walk down a few flights and get better access to facilities. In a lower tier there should be no excuse as there should be more space to be generous with all facilities. Thing is, I absolutely hate missing even a second of a match, I think: if you go, you might as well watch the whole thing. What if the most incredible play happens, like a goal from midfield, and you were at the stadium and didn't see it? That would be the most foolish thing imaginable. Which is why even leading 5-1 I stay until the end however long the trip back home. IMO, having a beer is secondary, as is eating, neither are important during a match.
  9. Cool, they've got their very own Puberty Monster! Or, wait, is it maybe a Hormone Monstress?!?
  10. LOL i don't think i've ever seen him take a corner before. He almost put it in!
  11. A Serbian passport is not an EU-passport. And while I agree that Hamilton should sign at least 1 hometown-player, things just didn't work out this time. If he keeps going at it, even in L1, surely new opportunities will present themselves.
  12. Too bad. For a Championship, they needed a win. I don't see Copenhagen drop a lot of points for the remainder of the season. Anyway a second place is also good and let's not forget the Cup final in three weeks against Brondby.
  13. My friend and I will be at the Grenoble match. Will anybody be posting on here any meet ups in advance of the match on the day?
  14. You should never be able to go out of a tournament when you win all your games. Crazy
  15. “Et selon lui, le stade du Peps serait parfait pour ce type de projet.” Or is he just saying Peps would be a great place? I’m unfamiliar with the control of the stadium.
  16. Ansem my French isn’t the best but does he offer Peps as venue?
  17. 4 groups. 5 teams in each group. Teams in group A play all the teams in group B. Teams in group C play the teams in group D. Teams do not play the other teams in their own group. Top team in each group goes through. In the Caps case, they were in group C and played and beat all the teams in group D, scoring 14 and giving up none. Unfortunately for them, Columbus did the same, but scoring 15 and giving up 1. Columbus scooped 1st place on goals scored . More perversely, the group d team that lost to both the Caps and Columbus made it through as the top team in group d. Strangest tourney format I have come across. Kind of Concacafy
  18. I doubt it. Edmonton already had their youth program and Cavalry had foothills. Valour would have to start a U20 team from scratch. They have enough to worry about in season 1.
  19. They havent announced Gardner yet. Whether it is a USports development deal or a full contract, I dont see anyway he is not on the team.
  20. Typical Henry game last night. Super late tackle in the first half that was an orange card if such a thing existed. Then an amazing last ditch tackle to save a goal. I still think I would prefer a more steady CB who commits less boneheaded plays, even if it means less spectacular ones.
  21. 2019 theres just too many possibilities to bounce back to even put a small part of not playing or retiring on other people..how many players went from pro contract to L1O and back pro or to lower league in europe or to australia new zealand..Quillan Roberts,Johnny Grant, Joseph Di Chiara..how many times did Cebara go for months to over a year without a contract to finally bounce back and get a team..and on top of that he has a EU passport..I mean come on
  22. According to this, Jacques Tanguay was approached by a Montreal businessman about a CPL team in Quebec City. He said that whoever comes here needs to not care about balance sheets and be prepare to lose money for 10 years...and also needs to be seriously in for the long term. He said gaining Quebec City is a long term project and it will take time to get their loyalty and grow... He said he offered Joey Saputo his help if he wanted to bring a reserve team to Quebec City... *I don't think that he and the journalist are aware that CSA wouldn't approve such a move
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  24. ^just learned that Denmark now has a top 6 Championship round, just like Belgium.
  25. James remains on the bench as Midtjylland drop a 3-0 decision to league leaders FC Copenhagen. They are now behind 8 points, but remain comfortably in second place.
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