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  3. Just watch. Even if covid is over by the end of the summer CONCACAF will push back the hex in order to squeeze in the Nations League final 4 in September that nobody gives a rats a$$ about anyway.
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  5. Glad TSN is doing CMNT showpiece but Piette over Kaye?
  6. At the end of the day if it sticks, it all comes down to loosing to Haiti. That should never have happened with the talent we have But chin up.. we have an unreal team by Concacaf standards. Easily the 3rd best team talent wise. What do we need to do and let's just do it I'm already dreaming about a sold out BC Place, intercontinental play in game v Argentina and Canada puts the nail in Messi's international career
  7. UFC 249 may be the only major sports event still happening apparently, April 18th. They are negotiating for a venue in the middle east to host with no fans (was supposed to be in NY at Barcley's). Guess they're banking on big PPV sales. Khabib vs Ferguson was the main event but Khabib has dropped out (or chickened out according to Conor Mcgregor) and there's a few lining up to replace the Dagestany fighter. Hope it happens, desperately need some live sports to watch and this may be how we're watching major sports for the rest of the year. Will be interesting to see how it draws on PPV and other sports will be paying close attention no doubt.
  8. Further comments on that piece. Lot of comments on it, which surprises me, no one is paying much attention to sports news lately. As it argues that the coronavirus will probably push bidding negotiations down by 40%, as clubs are losing money, most argue that a 15 million euro investment is better than what they are proposing to pay for Lautaro, or to get Neymar back. Barça as you have probably heard has made an agreement with the players, they are dropping their monthly paycheques by 72%. Part of that ensures the club staff are paid 100% their salaries. Since the club tried to make it look like they were unwilling, Messi and all the players put out a statement directly criticising the board for trying to sway public opinion against them. Saying they had always been clear about their decision to lower their wages voluntarily (At Madrid just did this today). Barça after-tax salaries are the highest in the world, averaging 11 million euros. I think Messi makes 52 after taxes in salary. If David walks into Barça for a 15-20 million transfer, he might accept it and insist over another club's higher bid because his salary will be higher than probably any other club, except maybe Madrid or la Juve, Man City maybe. He knows he has to let Gent get the maximum, or close, but also Gent has to let him get a deal he approves of. The board-player relationship right now is terrible, and many fans are also not too pleased with the poor management of the club. As it is fan owned, we have elections next year, so we are moving into a pre-election phase (I won't vote for this board, even though I know personally one person in upper management whose job depends on it). Since the season has not played out, it is hard to judge the performance and evaluate success or failure on the year. This makes new signings harder to read, though it is clear Suárez is getting on and is injured too much, Dembele just plain injured, Griezmann is underperforming. And even Messi has had some poorer outings, like he's slower and his finishing is down, though still leads the league in scoring. So the team does need a striker: a Lautaro - David combination could make sense.
  9. As soon as I saw the byline I perked up: Cristina Cubero is a journalist who almost always has inside information that is reliable, I don't know how she does it, but she has been around a long time, keeps a low profile after being a lot on tv, and just does her articles. Also, Mundo Deportivo is very pro the current board and rarely does anything to rock the boat. Their leaks tend to be more official, from the club, though that does not mean much. So that article should be taken seriously. Still, it is still a negotiation and there are quite a few players, bidders, and the like, a sound suspicion is still only that. I won't get into the internal politics of the club, but they do factor in.
  10. Well let’s just hope there is a change in regulations lol. Who knows what will happen. At this point anything could happen depending on how long it takes for WCQ to begin again. Some streamlined qualification would be nice. Get rid of the whole thing and create another method of qualification
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/top-10-plays-by-canadian-soccer-players~1931028
  12. Like I said, Zabal makes 13, so just Viti left, presumably tomorrow.
  13. Translated: FIFA has canceled all national team matches scheduled for June. If there is no change in the regulations approved in 2019, we have ALREADY CONFIRMED the 6 teams of the Hexagonal for Qatar 2022: México Estados Unidos Costa Rica Jamaica Honduras El Salvador
  14. He was lucky not to die, the elbow was viscious. It showed a lot of character coming back
  15. https://mobile.twitter.com/2010MisterChip/status/1245543935042297856?s=19 Saw this on the US soccer subreddit and the US fans were quite sympathetic towards us not being in it. I know it's not official yet but still
  16. This sounds like a conversation we have on here. Interesting that Manella is still pretty positive about TFC and the academy.
  17. Larson is annoying, but Onesoccer is putting out a lot of interesting content this last couple weeks. Manella, Waterman, LBG, Bustos, Hume, Fisk, Nanco/Awuah, lots of cool CPL tid bits to tide us over.
  18. That was a good interview, but it's disappointing how much he wanted to come back to Canada and nobody wanted to give him a chance. I would've loved to have him at York 9.
  19. So if Jadon Sancho is worth 150 million and David is valued at 20 million no wonder everyone is clamoring for his signature. Now more than anytime clubs need to find value. As an Example.. Dortmund could sell Sancho buy David and have 130 mil in their jeans lol and potential be a better team for it
  20. You bet, I'm very lucky in the current situation and doing my best to look out for others. take care, be safe, stay sane and we'll be all back talking footie full time soon. Cheers But the point is the CSA should be doing everything they can to add value in this current situation, all while following the current health guildlines. Planning for the future, whatever that will look like is absolutely the right thing to be doing at the moment
  21. Having a preseason will help him get more minutes I am sure
  22. Hollowly good news for them as they were faltering a bit after going out of the Europa League. I will say this on the transfer talk, journos have even less facts to report than normal so I would take everything with a grain of salt. Also big clubs are losing big money and so fees may not be huge coming out of this. Buyers market, as a result is what I read. People maybe staying put for a bit. Hopefully we can really care about that in the not super distant future.
  23. Almost 400 staff? Does anyone have a rough idea how many the CSA employs? I am assuming our number of employees would be insignificant compared to that.
  24. Will be good to see Borges playing in the First Division A, but I hope he gets to actually play.
  25. It was actually the # 51 championship. More useless info.😀
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