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  2. Off the pitch, Lille would also be less of an adjustment. He already speaks French, and Lille is in the same region as Gent. Heck, if he wanted, he wouldn't even have to move.
  3. Great article. Hopefully a trend that continues for a long time to come.
  4. No offence, but it’s not like you were revealing something most of us didn’t already know.
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  6. Seems like capping him could be smart. Believe that Liams cap against NZ was somewhat similar in terms of both of their development level?
  7. His loan has been extended until August 31st. Oringially, his loan was set to expire on June 30th. Bologna is obliged to make the move permanent at the end of August.
  8. This whole idea I have a narrative is completely bogus in this context. In recent days I posted tweets in the CPL General thread containing Victor Montagliani's self-congratulatory posture about year one exceeding his expectations with no contradicting opinion provided on my part. How did that fit my supposed narrative? Funny how there have been no complaints about spamming in that sort of context when there have been additional comments in the tweet from somebody else.
  9. Stop trying to turn yourself into a victim. Posting news is cool. Posting random Twitter opinions because they support your narrative is borderline trolling.
  10. Bologna has 4 keepers on their roster and have dressed 3 in all of their games since the restart. Breza has not dressed for any of the games, he’s still very young and hopefully Bologna will get him a loan opportunity next season to get more experience.
  11. Don't make them like this man...got to admire that
  12. Really I tried to tell all of you that Canada was basically low on his list because for him it is basically between Netherlands and Turkey for him. If either one of those teams decides to cap him, not a lot that Canada can really do. Unless both nations decide not to cap him or take an interest, then and only then would Canada have a shot at him.
  13. But then again people especially Germans because I know a lot of German people...in fact one of my best friends who is German basically said that Joachim Low basically blamed Muller, Hummels, Boateng, etc for the German collapse in Russia 2018 and that is why Muller and company have not been recalled to their national team.
  14. Or instead of Canada playing 4-2-3-1 or even 4-3-3...Canada under a 4-4-2 would not be so bad but with a starting 11 under 4-4-2 however then this is how Canada should line up GK- Borjan LB- Adekugbe CB- Didic CB- Cornelius RB- Brault-Guillard CDM- Eustaquio LW- Davies CAM- Arfield RW- David LS- Hoilett RS- Cavallini * Didic at CB gives Canada size especially on that backline and for a big man he is also agile plus pairing him up with Cornelius...that is an even better combination because Cornelius is just as talented. Not to mention he is fast on the ball too and makes good decisions. * Placed Adekugbe at left back because at left back, even though he is not as proven, he is probably Canada's best option at left back other than Bassong or Miller. * ZBG at right back is basically the future...he has more or less solidified his position over there. * Between Eustaquio, Piette and Kaye...all 3 guys you can basically interchange especially at the CDM position but I really struggled here. Went with Eustaquio because not only is he more talented but he is everything you could want in a CDM...one who is attack minded but one who also tracks back to help out the defense the most. * Davies, Arfield and David to make up that 3 man diamond in midfield...no need to even go further or explain myself there. Even though I debated on whether or not to take Arfield out and replace him with Osorio because you can easily interchange both players at that position. But kept Arfield mostly because of seniority and the fact that he has been consistent. * Up front in a 2 striker set up, you can have Cavallini as your main target man but with Hoilett you can easily have him play that secondary striker role even if people can make the argument for Larin.
  15. Jonathan David going to Ligue 1 at this point to Lille may be the best thing for him. Why? He can build his own stardom over there in that league but also the French game isn't as demanding as the German game. David would not only get more time to develop more as a superstar in France but the attention he would get over there especially if Lille were to not only win Ligue 1 but also compete in Champions League vs the attention he would get in Germany, need I say more.
  16. This might be one of the weirdest takes I've seen. You've been around this board more than long enough to have read, and participated in, many debates on pay-to-play, possibly on one of the other half dozen occasions when OZ has brought it up unprovoked in the last 3 years. The fact that nobody's jumping on it now, just because OZ has decided it's time to beat that dead horse once again doesn't say much at all, in my opinion.
  17. Messageboards are part and parcel of social media. My posting of on topic tweets was being met with loads of appreciative upvotes when the news contained was still looking positive. Now things have turned sour on the tournament the usual suspects are marking out their territory like a tomcat pissing against a post. If you can't handle the rough as well as the smooth about the league why are you even here? A fan discussion forum should be expected to have negative reactions to events when there is bad news just as the main CMNT subforum does after a defeat. If you want a constant stream of positivity Pravda style the official league website is readily available.
  18. I'm doing my best to steer clear of social media, but then I come on here and see nothing but tweets.
  19. Where is this exactly? Soccer is now the leading sport in participation terms. Sounds like you are talking about how things were 40 years ago.
  20. In an Ontario context, I'd be interested to see what would happen if L1O teams were placed in the Ontario Cup against the top ethnic clubs. That would put Zambrano's assertion to the test. Suspect he's right that there is plenty of talent that is being ignored nowadays, because they can't afford to be part of the mainstream system. Futsal leagues in the winter would probably be a good starting point to see who could be Canada's answer to the guy that used to be in my avatar. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dejan_Savićević#Early_years
  21. ...and nobody has anything to say about the info from Rob Friend in the Onesoccer clip. When the news about the tournament was looking promising none of the usual suspects on here had anything to say about reposting tweets conveying that information being spamming and I was doing the exact same thing at that point where those tweets were concerned. If you can't handle bad news, why not stick to the official league website as your information source and steer clear of social media?
  22. If I was on TFC I would be hoping for some sort of airline strike to delay that flight south again and again .
  23. Why not invite Mr Ziel to join us here so we can get his opinions directly, instead of posting his stuff here??
  24. Seriously? You are playing how did this spread so fast?? The guy who was telling us to get back to reality?? Not to believe the talking heads pushing fear agendas?? One guy gets it.. maybe he was having a americano at his local coffee shop, then hangs out a little too close to the other players during stretching, or sprints, showers, bus rides, flights etc and he infects 10 other guys before he even knows he has it. This seems perfectly reasonable and is exactly why most people have been so worried about this spreading like wildfire if uncontrolled. And you might not be worried about anyones health, I just hope none of those 10 guys has a sick kid, or a wife/parent with lung problems.
  25. How about the vast swaths of the country where there is no local club??
  26. He would have to be the starter of his team to pass Crepeau. Borjan gets underrated here a bit. He’s a terrific keeper playing Champions League at the top of his game. Our program has like 4 players of CL quality right now and he’s one of them.
  27. If He gets some games, Herdman brings him into senior camps and then he decides eh? Nothing like having the real deal right there, the 3 of them at the gold cup etc.
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