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  2. It's always going to be an uphill battle against a strong team that already started the season. Now without Piatti, it's going to get even tougher. I don't know if you can put that one Henry (not IMO). On the other hand, they only need to battle their way to a 1-1 or 2-2 to get in a good position.
  3. There's still a lot of games so not everything is riding on that first match.
  4. Not sure if that's the case or that he himself doesn't want to leave. They've been trying him at RB during the winterbreak. We'll see tomorrow if he's in the squad.
  5. Still on contract at FC Midtjylland. Nobody seems to want to have him on loan. Anybody know any details? A MLS/USL/CanPL loan might not be a bad idea.
  6. Just finished watching the reply on Sportsnet. Yes, not his best game but definitely not a bad game from him. I agree he didn't have the same desire on the defensive end, but the game was won 12 minutes in and he is probably playing on a tapped ankle. Not an excuse but I think those factors must be mentioned. Alaba and Boetang and on occasion Pavard got into a few tangly situations as well, but the game was wide open and free flowing. I expect the whole team to be tighter in Champions League.
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  8. Jonathan Viscosi played in a friendly against CSKA Moscow for Sirius on Saturday, ended a 2-0 loss. Pretty good test for him
  9. I find it very tough to get any kind of squad info on pre-2nd-half-of-the-season-friendlies; I wonder how he has done over the past month? Competitive games start up again on Friday for Scott; it will be one of the most important games of the season since it's against their rival for that one promotion spot (SV Guntamatic Ried)! If they lose that game on Friday, it becomes an uphill battle. http://www.2liga.at/2liga/spielplan/
  10. Who knows who they will call for centre-backs for the U23 team? 20 years old? Was he born in 2000? 2001? If he is a 2001, it will give him a chance with the U20 team as well.
  11. Bumping this thread. Based on nothing more than getting a few minutes of time in the Whitecaps pre-season game vs Portland today, Metcalfe could be an interesting player to watch. Shows some physical play in central mid and is not easily knocked off the ball. Given how thin the Caps are in midfield, he could work his way into the picture.
  12. Toronto will be interesting as I am sure at some point, I can almost guarantee that a group will emerge thinking they can make a go of it in Toronto proper. The CPL will have to be smart on this front as group without the resources, expertise etc could be a disaster regardless of their finances. Soccer is filled with fly by night, under financed owner types. also Toronto is already filled with sports and entertainment. The Wolfpack are the perfect example of a team that has found its niche and have done quite well early on with their attendance with a sport in rugby league that was complete unknown in this country. So much is going on in the summers and as I always say the under estimated competition of the cottage and the power it has with our relative short summers.
  13. At 27 points behind us, it would take an epic losing streak on our part against several minnows and an epic winning streak against many top teams for them to catch us. Panama is not relevant. Curaçao is not relevant. It is us or (likely) El Salvador. Panama will play Nicaragua on February 25th: http://twitter.com/Fenifutnica/status/1229065697541709830 Panama will play Guatemala on March 4th: http://www.fepafut.com/noticias/3858/panama-jugara-ante-guatemala-a-inicios-de-marzo an yes, Panama will play El Salvador on March 27th (the same night we play T&T): http://www.fepafut.com/noticias/3932/panama-jugara-ante-su-similar-de-el-salvador-el-proximo-27-de-marzo That last game is hugely important for us. Although both teams don't look like they have any big young names right now, Panama can be at full strength. Like us, El Salvador has to field at U23 squad for Olympic qualifying.
  14. Looked quick and slick at times today but ultimately still naive at the back and careless in poseession/passing. Look two decent players short in midfield and not convinced at the back. Khmiri is a beast though didnt realise he was so big or uninjured lol.
  15. It looks like there as been a change! A thing of great relevance to the fortunes of the #CanMNT: FIFA has added a FIFA rankings release date. I assume at the request of CONCACAF, they have added a ranking date on June 11th. http://www.fifa.com/fifa-world-ranking/ The FIFA international match window is June 1st to 9th The UEFA EURO and the Copa America start on June 12th https://resources.fifa.com/image/upload/1653-men-s-international-match-calendar-2018-2024.pdf?cloudid=vypxfhb9frfxwu25v23z Looks like they squeezed a date right in between the two! So mercifully by June 9th we will know if we make the Hex or not; no last minute minnow-match shenanigans!
  16. I’m not feeling the magic after their lackluster pre-season. Scoring still seems to be a problem. I’m also not convinced Thiery Henry is the right man either. I really hope I’m wrong but I’m afraid at least until the summer window it will be a really rough go for the team. I hope I eat my words but I see an early exit in CCL 0:2 and 0:1 (0:3agg).
  17. I remember when he first showed up and he was frustrating at times. He held the ball way too long, never passed the ball after dribbling so long and never shot when he had a great chance to just keeping it too long. He got a lot better. He’s way different from now and then. As for your other observations, that is quite interesting and it makes some sense why he behaved the way he did. Which leads me to this question: does anyone think in soccer that players fake injuries. I’m not talking about diving and getting stretchered off the field and miraculously running as if healed from the Holy Spirit. No I’m saying you claim an “injury” to a part of your body when it’s not that bad. Basically skipping out on work. I’d like to think their doctors can see that but can they really? I ask cause Piatti was injured most of the year with three different injuries. Maybe he was trying to lower his value so that Montreal wouldn’t take his option as no team would give much for an injured player.
  18. Transfermarkt shows drafted keeper Daniel Gagliardi going to Fort Lauderdale in USL 1. Confirmed on USL 1 site.
  19. It looked a bit weird but I actually think Bayern are playing 3 in the back when in possession and 4 when the opponents have the ball (a la Netherlands in the WC). Watch for it next game and we'll see. Also very much looking forward to Bayern vs Chelsea (Davies vs Pulisic)
  20. A Toronto club backed by foreign ownership of another massive worldwide club would be a safe way for the league to enter Toronto proper. Clubs like United, Roma, Arsenal etc. are used to sharing the city and they would have the financial backing to go into the largest market in the country against an established club.
  21. Are you sure about that? I realize that the top six CONCACAF teams in the FIFA rankings of June 2020 will enter into the Hexagonal round, but does the FIFA ranking of June 2020 have any bearing on the group stage or the knock-out stage of the lower-seeded round of CONCACAF World Cup qualifying? In other words, would it make a difference if Canada was ranked 7th or 8th in the FIFA rankings of June 2020? The following does not answer these questions: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_(CONCACAF) I'm inclined to think that it would matter.
  22. Dunno, I love Piatti and what he's accomplished, however.... he was never a team player. Impact is the longest he's ever stayed anywhere. If I remember correctly, I don't t think he had ever stayed over 2 years with another team and it always ended on bad terms, either with coaches, the team or fans. A quick google when IMFC got him showed he was hated by many fan sites for his selfishness. He's a pure mercenary. His earlier career is full of selfish/hogger clips that hurt the teams he played for. That being said, he would never play for Canada, not enough money involved.
  23. https://canpl.ca/article/cpl-deep-dive-how-a-steak-fish-dinner-in-madrid-led-to-the-launch-of-atletico-ottawa Article on the CPL site on how the deal with Atlético was brokered. One of the tidbits we did not know was that the CPL started to throw out possible locations for a club, and they mention BC, Saskatchewan, Quebec and even Toronto. This latter detail is a surprise, but suggests that the league is really thinking that the GTA could absorb another CPL club. The other bit that clears a few things up is that only after Fury folded did they come up with the idea to have Atlético fill the void, and to do it this year, not next. So that in principle rules out some of the speculation here about how the deal was really worked. Seems they moved very quickly after those events.
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  25. Great video Ted. I think we should really let you just ask the question you want and not have to be our official hydro pole lobbyist every time.
  26. Uruguay Martin Amuz not in the Danubio 18, just like all of preseason
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