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  2. At this afternoon's Canadian Auto Show Toronto (like 3 km from BMO Field) at the CPL Soccer/Volkswagen Canada booth were Forge FC players players Klaidi Cela and Jonathan Grant shown signing autographs. Kwame Awuah was here earlier and Kyle Bekker couldn't make it.
  3. Interesting topic. I"llstart by stating I'm not an expert- One point of reference for consideration and one perspective: Let's start with the perspective. As humans, we pay attention to what's closest and most convenient. For the MLS to track players on college teams is convenient. For colleges to "target" MLS teams for their players is convenient. It's a natural result of geography and accessibility. The point of reference is my son Scott and a 4th draft pick for Dallas, Callum Montgomery. They have some similarities and some material differences. The difference useful for this discussion is that Callum played College Soccer in the US. I suspect most MLS teams have no knowledge of Scott Kennedy.
  4. We did try - and we failed. Don't put words in my mouth. There's no point in screwing up our best Olympic chance in a generation, in a long-shot to the Hex, that requires other teams to lose, and us to win. Besides - we might have a better chance of qualifying to 2022 by not being in the Hex. Finishing 5th and 6th in the Hex doesn't get us to 2022 - and finishing 4th is no better than qualifying outside the Hex.
  5. My point is that even most early first-rounders don’t tend to stick with MLS teams any longer. And yes, Minnesota is an outlier.
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  7. I don't see it happening for years - especially with the CPL cap on each players salary being only $750K. Given that's less than the TFC average per player, they'd have to shed a lot of players - which is not in the interest of the fans who want to watch good football. Perhaps we should be speculating on new teams here, not MLS teams, which clearly aren't going to be moving to CPL anytime this decade.
  8. ^ amazing! We will all be supporting him loud and strong.
  9. Well i did one quick snapshot. I picked Minnesota at random, and 16/27 players came from colleges. Maybe they are an outlier, but I doubt it. Check some other teams if you have spare time. I dont know about any specific #8 pick but huge chunks of rosters are made up of college players.
  10. This is great! They'll try to beat El Salvador. If Panama is able to catch us, that very likely means we didn't catch up to ES so it doesn't really matter.
  11. I think you’re missing my point, and we’re sort of talking past each other. As you say, this isn’t really the place anyways, so cheers.
  12. No, the college draft is not the primary vehicle for player development in MLS. It hasn’t been so for years. This isn’t the right place to debate this, but if you wish to continue feel free to go ahead and tell me what, say, the No. 8 pick from each of the last 5 drafts (not including this year) are doing right now. With much more emphasis on homegrowns and purchasing players from Latin America, it’s become near impossible for the overwhelming majority of drat picks to become MLS regulars nowadays. Most go to USL. As for CPL, it was needed simply because there were not enough professional opportunities for Canadian players. The existence of the MLS draft has never had any influence on that, and never well.
  13. I watch lots of MLS, and I have done since ‘96. It’s not a stereotype, it’s a fact. The college draft is the primary vehicle for player ‘development’ in MLS. It may be less true than in 1996 but it remains true. And all of this has to do with CPL because the truth of it reinforces the need for the CPL.
  14. The may thing I noticed was the guy from the condo and the Stoney Monday Riot going at each other. The "Ours was the Fury" handle is kind of cringe worthy. I figure things will get sorted out before the start of the season so we'll know what is actually official or not.
  15. Since this is the “CPL new teams speculation” thread, I was just wondering ... What do you guys think about the 3 Cdn MLS clubs eventually joining the CPL, possibly forced to do so by FIFA?
  16. Yea, that is confirmed now so none of those teams are coming to north america. Initial rumors were those teams were coming to the east coast of north america.
  17. Very little of this has been true about MLS for about a decade. The days of American college kids dominating the landscape of the league are long gone. MLS has its (many) flaws, but I wish people on here would update their arguments to show that they’re actually informed rather than relying on tired stereotypes. And ya, none of this never ending conversation has anything to do with the CPL...
  18. Gets the lone goal in a 1-0 win. https://www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11781/11935765/rangers-1-0-livingston-scott-arfield-strike-enough-for-narrow-win
  19. The main thing is the salary cap has been kept sensibly low. They avoided the mistake of trying to outspend the independent USL teams and competing with MLS teams for fringe CMNT players like Tosaint Ricketts, so the financial bleeding involved probably isn't all that drastic for the investors involved given their wealth level. Now that most games will be on weekends there is even scope for more of a downscale financially if it were ever needed. Hopefully not because it's important to stay genuinely fully professional if at all possible to keep the level of play up to the level that we saw in year one. The biggest danger is having so many fantasists around that expect the league to be able to run before it learns to walk and think CanPL is in some huge competition with MLS. As long as the investors pay no attention to them and are only expecting to have significant upward growth post-2026 there is plenty of time for the league to get things right on and off the field of play.
  20. An article in As about the Spanish players in CPL and the arrival of Atlético. I can translate later. The players make interesting comments about rules about foreigners in CPL, and about player development and the problem of private academies. https://as.com/futbol/2020/02/14/migrantes_del_balon/1581694099_721421.html I just had a long conversation with the writer, who follows Spaniards in the world, tries to keep an exhaustive list--sounds like our kind of guy. Martín told me he watched a few CPL matches last year, I was impressed, he is really on top of his stuff. He says he knows Ramon Soria personally, and was asking about Gil Marín and the press conference.
  21. Have any Atlético fans been contacted yet about purchasing season tickets, or is this only happening once the league schedule is out? I put down my desposit a few weeks ago and am starting to get jittery. 😛
  22. Six pages of Le Journal de Montreal dedicated to the upcoming CCL match. I love seeing this.
  23. Davies played 90 and assisted on the 4th Bayern goal in a 1-4 win.
  24. Details about this match appear to be very scant indeed, however, I did find the following for whatever its worth: https://www.eurosport.com/football/international-friendlies/2020/curacao-panama_mtc1166769/live.shtml The distance between Curacao and El Salvador is about the same as that of Vancouver and Winnipeg, in other words about a two-hour flight. Would they be considering playing split squads for these two matches? Who knows? We are playing back to back with T & T after having played back-to-back matches with Bardados. With the new format CONCACAF countries seem to be getting creative for the right to play in the more attractive (and lucrative) HEX matches.
  25. It would be sad to see Bush go, he's been here since the USL days, but he's just making way too much.
  26. ...and the FC Miami and Atletico Ottawa deals happened suspiciously quickly afterwards meaning they were probably effectively paid to go away. Not so easy to do that with the three MLS franchises.
  27. The good thing about Panama playing for points is that they will try and take it to El Salvador. They won't roll over.
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