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  2. Yeah, who were all the other guys willing to sink a fortune into a soccer club in Edmonton?
  3. don't see anyone else lining up to own the team
  4. We live in a world that’s within a greater world. In our world (Canada) we can clearly see that we have reacted and treated the global pandemic massively different from the other worlds (countries). Some people see the positives(me), others don’t - welcome to this beautiful country we call home. In our world, we have to recognize that we don’t depend on football to justify our lifestyles or our economy, whereas what we see in other worlds. And that’s where football involves politics solely from a financial standpoint, where in our world it simply doesn’t exist. There’s zero urgency to influence the necessary stake holders to say that “Canada needs to play these WCQ games”, whereas we see in other countries who are taking 100M dollar losses by each passing month solely from fans not being in the stands. So I disheartenly understand that this is the case, so my/our personal passionate sporting desires are completely different from insert country name here. Do I think we can use the necessary protocols to safely play these games....yes. Do I think our government is willing to put a community in our world in a vulnerable position...hell no. The kickback would be detrimental. And I accept that, as much as I don’t fully agree with it. In the end we are talking politics as they are the decision makers, whereas in another country like France - football is a decision maker, because ultimately its all about the money. - C.R.E.A.M
  5. I’ll say nope, because I share the same assessment. He definitely looks bigger, definitely looks more dynamic than before. I know it’s USL but I’m excited for this kid. He has the European golden ticket passport, so his future is promising.
  6. What channel do you have to record this?
  7. He would be in there for me as well but I won't begrudge Mista the nomination. If you are going to have 3 candidates Hart & Smyniotis are the locks so if it's not Kah.... it's Mista. Ottawa surprised me. It was quite rightly brought up on One Soccer how Smyrniotis doesn't seem to get a lot of acknowledgment. Maybe because in some part he'd brought some of his pre-CanPL work into CPL? Don't know, but Forge has shown itself to be, to my mind, the best club in this league for a number of reasons and that has to come down to Bobby S. See that Paulus is out in Edmonton, not that he was up for the nomination, just saying. Don't see Gale or Brennan going anywhere until after the results of the 2021 campaign either. Again, just saying.
  8. So any idea where these games will be played? Looking at the dates you would think the first two rounds will be played in 1 place and Forge should plan to just stay there. If they win
  9. Looks like a good draw for Forge. One of only 2 teams in the pot I haven’t heard of (the other being Haitian side Arcahaie). Especially good to avoid Alajualense and Independiente.
  10. I never really understand the rules MLS have for dishing out 2nd assists, so who knows.
  11. blainville about to be the champion again..get macagno to york9
  12. I don't disagree with the analysis, but I wonder if what we are seeing--in essence--is parity when in most leagues we see two or three super clubs who dominate while the rest of the pack fights to avoid relegation. Is parity necessarily worse than what we see in these other leagues? I mean, yes, if the football is shite, then it is shite. No argument there.
  13. I know nothing about them but by the looks of their crest, clearly these guys take no prisoners
  14. Looks like this might be the closest thing we get to Canada vs El Salvador in 2020.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Caught the first half. Recorded the second half and will watch that later. Simple game from what I saw. Did his job. No big errors or anything.
  17. I thought Kah had a shot at Coach of the Year so to see him not in the Top 3 is a shocker.
  18. I know it's just a clip, but he looks more dynamic than before. Could just be filling out, or could be bad scouting on my part (from before or from now). But those finishes. Woof.
  19. Samuel Salter 1 goal per game, pretty good average
  20. sep 19th AS Blainville 3 - 2 OSU Force postponed games due to covid-19 CS Longueuil - Celtix du Haut-Richelieu CS Saint Hubert - CS Fabrose ============================================== table 1st AS Blainville..........................19 pts 2nd OSU Force............................14 pts 3rd Celtix du Haut-Richelieu.......12 pts 4th CS Saint Hubert....................07 pts 5th CS Longueuil........................06 pts 6th CS Fabrose...........................03 pts ============================================== top scorers 8 goals S. Salter (ASB) 7 goals S. Karajovanovic (OSU) 4 goals C. D. Martel (STH) C. Artaillou (CHR) G. Bitar (OSU) 3 goals N. Bertrand (ASB) P. R. Mayard (ASB)
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