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  2. If this question was asked seven years ago, I would have said Kyle Bekker because he was getting senior caps before playing a minute of professional club football. Seriously, I would probably put my money on Piette because of his durability.
  3. Well, 25. I hope Dallas didn't actually show up. 😉
  4. That was the same player who came in and took his spot to begin with. I wonder why he's leaving. Either way, good news for Vitoria.
  5. Today
  6. That's definitely the kind of thing that endears an attacking player to his teammates. It'd be impossible to watch that and not give the man your respect and trust on the pitch.
  7. Class of 2002. Forward/ left-sided winger. Another Whitecaps youth player on his way to Atletico Ottawa apparently: https://northerntribune.ca/atletico-ottawa-matteo-de-brienne-training/
  8. All 26 teams are there. Toronto arrived today before Vancouver did.
  9. for those of you who want to know about sports info and soccer schedules, you can just look here tvfubo.blogspot.com
  10. https://tvfubo.blogspot.com/ View full record
  11. https://tvfubo.blogspot.com/
  12. Personally, against top sides in Concacaf like Mexico and the US (especially away), I would play 3 up front with Davies David and one of Tabla, Millar or Hoilett. If either Tabla or Miller can break out in the next year or two, that would give you an incredibly fast front 3 which would be devastating on the counter; then I would play a 3 in midfield of Arfield or Osorio (as a 10) with Eustaquio and Kaye behind. I think that midfield would be good at closing down the attack but also good a countering quickly. We could then play a Miller at LB for defensive purposes. For the rest of Concacaf, I would play Cavallini or Larin up front depending who is on form, with Hoilett and Tabla/Millar on the wings, drop David to 10, and Davies to LB to give him more space; and play in the midfield behind David 2 of Arfield, Kaye, Osorio and Eustaquio depending on your needs given the opponent. Personally, I think Piette now drops to the bench based on the midfield we have although I could see him coming in to play beside Eustaquio if we are playing an opponent who is similar strength to us but has an effective number 10 in the middle who we would almost want Piette to man mark out of the match.
  13. I think the most impressive thing about this track back was (1) when the ball was lost in the box and the Anderlecht player broke, David instantly set off in a sprint to get back which is impressive for an attacker as quite often their inclination is to hesitate as they are always hoping for another chance in the box; and (2) after running the initial 60m at a sprint, he had enough in the tank to actually accelerate to get to the ball first when the attacker had pushed it past the last attacker. Both of these are impressive in my view and the first demonstrates an innate intelligence in the game that is almost impossible to teach as in a split second he recognised the danger where if he hesitated in the box he would never have been able (even with his speed) to recover.
  14. great move and exactly the type of move that hopefully can become common between the 3 MLS sides and the CPL. He and the CB young kid at the Impact (Ferdinand?) I am really hoping emerge in the next year or two as we really could use some top quality CB prospects as that is our weakest position by far. Maybe a stretch to hope one of them is ready for the World Cup at the end of 2022 (or end of 2023) should we make it but stranger things have happened (Davies and David for instance).
  15. More of this from MLS teams please
  16. Good deal for him get some playing time vs adults to me its a win win situatuin
  17. Montreal is already there and vancouver left today so only toronto left..no it shouldnt and wont be a win and points for other teams because its the league that took this risk to go there and restart and could have happened to any team..it is the league that withdrew dallas so they cant penalize them.. MLS Commissioner Don Garber: MLS is Back Tournament moving forward as planned “Now if that bubble is suspect and something should happen, then we’re going to have to address that. Right now, we’re in a pretty good spot although Dallas will not be participating in the tournament. We’ll have to replace those regular season games they’re going to miss and continue to monitor the rest of the arrivals very closely. Thirteen of 550 [player tests] is relatively low. But in the days leading up to Wednesday’s opener on ESPN, we’re going to have to keep a close eye on it.”
  18. FC Dallas withdrawn from MLS is Back Tournament
  19. And on a positive note Iago Santos (CB) has left Moreirense meaning that there is a lot less competition for Vitoria so hopefully he'll get a lot more playtime.
  20. This is tailor made for CPL. Instead of playing for an MLS reserve side, a promising young Canada kid will (hopefully) play in CPL and get minutes in a competitive environment. Beauty.
  21. I may have missed it the first time it was posted.. Damn that is nice to see. Dude has serious wheels.
  22. I think it is great - he is basically training for CONCACAF.
  23. I don't know who would want to sell as they were a limited edition. I wore mine to the WWC final five years ago as subtle support for Japan. I do love that shirt. I just wish it wasn't so flimsy!
  24. I made it to that match flying out from Toronto for the week. Terrific support from the Edmonton fans.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Was just about to make him a thread. He looked good at the World Cup, definitely plays like he’s older. Great move to the CPL, assuming it actually gets going again soon.
  27. Should be 3pts and a win for the other teams in the group
  28. How did a lad from Windsor end up with the Whitecaps? TFC scouting really **** the bed there, morese when you consider the L1O club in Windsor is a satellite club of TFC.
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