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  2. I agree, not a position of need but he would probably put them on the bench. If he's able to play to the level he was at before the injury that is
  3. I found him insufferable so fine with him not being here. Glad that he was a nicer person in real life
  4. Yesterday
  5. Greece and Cyprus would be a good pair. minimal travel from one to the other and both are winnable games.
  6. Lock in the Cyprus/Luxembourg double-header!
  7. The mysterious and enigmatic CSA, sometimes I think it was more closed than the National Football Association of North Korea. Sorry for the pessimism, but Canada has immense potential and the CSA seem not to appreciate it.
  8. IMFC isn’t a great fit IMO with Piette and Taider. I think Vancouver is the better MLS fit
  9. Imagine if you will Gold Cup 2013, when my internet friend Nolando informed me that Jeffrey S. will be accompanying us (like in the same car?) to Seattle. I'm calling in sick for this ********? Within 5 minutes of meeting the guy I absolutely loved him. So knowledgable about football and many other topics and always eager -in person- to hear your opinion. Mel Gibson was a horrible analogy. Forgot about his anti-Semitic ********. Which reminds me... Going to a game with Jeff, his kid and kid's friend... Security tries to take the friends' egg salad sandwich... He immediately yells out in his distinctive raspy voice ''He's gotta eat Kosher! He's gotta eat Kosher!" Operation egg salad accomplished. I wish I had the balls and the wit. Trust me, his on board antics were always tongue-in-cheek and he's a quality guy.
  10. The sweet spot for potential March friendlies, where a win is manageable and the amount of points gained would be impactful.
  11. El Salvador is currently 16 points ahead of us. 4 wins during FIFA windows against teams ranked even with us would get us 20 points. So if El Salvador stay where they are, or of course if they drop points we don’t strictly “need” to play higher ranked teams or any games outside the March and June windows. But of course if El Salvador is able to gain more points by the end of the June window we would need wins against higher ranked opponents, or more than 4 wins etc. It is impossible to know what we actually “need”. I personally don’t know what the best strategy would be exactly, but we do need to play something because even though El Salvador could drop below us by themselves theoretically, they would no doubt stop playing friendlies if they see we aren’t playing.
  12. Planet Football or Football365 (can't remember where I saw it) picked up this interview and did a short piece on it.
  13. We need to play teams higher ranked than us (and win) for it to gain us greater points. No? Playing minnows aka teams ranked lower than us will only gain us little points....Or am I completely confused!
  14. I guess my point is that’s it may not be then only strategy. A B team would be a far safer bet playing a minnow or two. Recognizing that we need to do something, playing CR isn’t the only option.
  15. Your'e right the risk is so real. But we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by taking this risk!
  16. I think NASL was suing them as well
  17. That's the first thing that came in my head as well. I mean, I understand why they are fighting for pay equity, but talk about biting the hand that feeds you.... Sounds like US soccer is cannibalizing itself.
  18. Wasn’t the women’s team suing them at one point for pay equity?
  19. “Building our roster for the 2020 season is a top priority, and myself and the rest of the staff have been working very hard towards sourcing the best possible talent to bring to the club,” said Valour FC Head Coach & GM Rob Gale. “We know our fans are anxious for word on new players and we hope to announce 1 or 2 before the end of the year.” From an email I received from the club this morning.
  20. I wonder what the specifics are around litigation...
  21. Jeffrey cares about Canadian soccer more than almost anyone I know.
  22. Looks like the USSF are also getting depleted in $$$
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