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  2. The Welsh team was made up mostly of players from the U21 side. GK Tony Roberts (QPR), Martyn Margetson (Manchester City) DEF Alan Nielson (Newcastle United), Lee Baddeley (Cardiff City), Ian Hughes (Bury), Karl Reddy (QPR), Damon Searle (Cardiff City), Mark Peters (Manchester City) MF Shaun Capple (Manchester City), Ceri Hughes (Luton Town), Gareth Owen (Wrexham), Robert Edwards (Bristol City), Craig Lawton (Manchester United) FW Iwan Roberts (Huddersfield), Lee Jones (Liverpool), Nathan Blake (Cardiff City)
  3. Agreed. That was a hell of an experience. I sat next to Max Bell for a while, pregame I think, having a great chat. Damn was that a match for memories.
  4. I have huge doubts for a CPL season any time soon. Unfortunately Canada is largely screwed due to the situation in the US, it needs to be contained there before anything remotely resembling normal life can restart in Canada. Essential travel only or not, there is simply too much integration to not be constantly importing cases. Just do not think the risk is worth it even if we have seen a downturn in cases here. I think we need to see 14 days of no cases being reported to truly return to normalcy.
  5. Although they lost in the end, the friendly game against Brazil in Seattle remains one of my favourite games. It was a full strength Brazil side, and we really had some great stretches against them, even scoring 2 goals. It's just unfortunate that De Guzman had that brutal back pass...
  6. It should be very clear by now that there won't be enough space in the calendar for the 7-35 tournament (or Hex) to run as scheduled. It's also very likely that FIFA windows will be reduced to play postponed league matches. This isn't business as usual guys. Expect some massive scheduling compression - which may help us or further hurt us - but it's pointless to even try to change things up now until the health situation becomes clearer.
  7. @Buchta if you can find any of those players on social media you could try asking them directly (either team).
  8. Carmine Isacco! Didn’t realize he played at a level to get even a B call up. Did he get A team call ups? Looks like he was never capped based on Wikipedia.
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  10. Didn't see Shaun Goater on there? 🤔
  11. He scored some screamers for Edmonton, well it only seems like a year or two ago. And Gyaki is coaching at Mount Royal (canada west coach of the year)...his comeback will be coaching in CPL.
  12. No, look closer, ZZ is right there.
  13. Its your favorite...no wrong answers. I am surprised though that more of the Valentine, Vrablic, Catliffe era guys arent getting much love. Considering how many old fogies are on here.
  14. I guess you’re referring to Messi? IMO it’s really hard to say who is the best ever. There have been so many great players over the generations, it’s easy to forget about them in favour of the best players today, but I’m not sure whether Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi are better than any of them were. Two once-in-a-generation greats, no doubt. But the best ever? Not sure.
  15. You know what? This is really, really hard.
  16. Thanks for posting that, I remember all of the players and vaguely remember the tour, I can't remember the result!
  17. Its not about age..someone who stopped playing pro so long ago just isnt getting back
  18. Isn't he still young enough to play in the cpl .. 5 years out and almost 30 is too late
  19. Those are blasts from the past. I remember 90% of them.
  20. Does anyone know the result of this match? I have the official programme, but I am struggling to find the result. The match was played at the Racecourse in Wrexham. Was this match part of a tour of the UK by the Canadian team? The Welsh FA listed the match as a B international, but as far as I know this was the Canadian U23 team and coached by Tony Waiters. Notes about the Canadian players from the programme --- GK Paolo Ceccarelli (North York Rockets) - The regular goalkeeper who started in all four Round 3 Qualifying matches this year and has made 8 appearances at Under 23 level. Although participating in training camps at Under 17 and Under 20 levels he did not represent his country until 1989 when he established himself with the North York Rockets. Also played at B level vs Italy in 1989 so is every experienced. He is taking time off from his studies and working as a supply teacher. Carmine Iscacco (Toronto Italia) - A student in his third year at the University of Maryland, this tall keeper has yet to appear for his country at any level and this tour will be his first national team selection. A regular for the Toronto Italia team he is very much on trial during this trip. Scott McQuillan (Kitchener Kickers) - The experienced deputy to Ceccarelli who sat on the bench throughout the Round 3 Qualifying matches and at 6ft 7in is certainly and imposing figure! Four years in the Canadian Soccer League with Edmonton Brickmen, Calgary Kickers and the last two seasons at Kitchener Kickers. Made 6 appearances at Under 20 level in 1988 during the Concacaf Championships DEFENDERS David Cepo (Hamilton Steelers) - A McMaster University student who has yet to appear at Under 23 level for his country despite making 12 appearances at under 17 and under 20 levels which included the 1989 World Cup Finals in Scotland where Canada lost all three group matches. Can also play in midfield and had a successful second season with the Hamilton Steelers in the CSL. Paul Fenwick (Hamilton Steelers) - A powerful central defender who graduated last year from McMaster University with a BSc in physiotherapy, but has taken a year off to try and fulfil his soccer ambitions. Played twice for the under 20 side in the 1988 Concacaf Championships, but despite 8 appearances at Under 23 level only played twice in the 3rd Qualifying Round scoring his countries' first goal in the 4-0 victory over El Salvador. Came to prominence with the Kitchener Kickers, but was traded to the Toronto Blizzard in 1991 without establishing himself so was glad to join Hamilton Steelers to revive his career. Carl Fletcher (Toronto Blizzard) - Very experienced performer at International level with 8 appearances at each of Under 17, 20, and 23 categories including the three group matches during the 1987 FIFA Under 17 World Championships. A regular with the Toronto Blizzard in the CSL he also had an extended trial with Bristol City in 1991. Kevin Holness (Winnipeg Fury) - Another player just as happy in midfield who returns to the squad after a groin injury. Has missed only one match in the CSL during his two seasons with Winnipeg Fury so is pretty durable. A regular squad member during the 3rd Round Qualifying matches only making the starting line up vs El Salvador, but his other international appearances include 7 at Under 17 level including at the 1987 World Championships, 4 at Under 20, 5 at Under 23 and 4 at B level. Gary Kern (Winnipeg Fury) - This tall central defender was a regular for the Under 23 team in 1990, but although in the squad for the Qualifying matches did not see any action. Played four seasons in the CSL with the Edmonton Brickmen, Calgary Strickers and for the last two years with the Winnipeg Fury team where he has been a regular. A student in his final year at the University of BC studying physical education, he also played a season of varsity basketball at the Universtiy of Calgary. Steve MacDonald (Vancouver 86ers) - An almost certain starter who has established himself in the Vancouver 86ers side especially over the past three seasons. Played in the opening two Olympic qualifying matches, but was sent off after 82 minutes in the second and was suspended for three games. In 1989 he played at B level v Faroe Islands and Italy and has appeared at three other levels including 1987 FIFA Under 17 Championships. A local sales and marketing executive in Vancouver. Mark Watson (Hamilton Steelers) - A full International with appearances v Mexico, United States, and Honduras during 1991 who played in all the four Olympic qualifying compeition matches. Initially with the Ottawa Intrepid club who joined the Steelers for the 1991 season and was selected for the CSL All Star team that season. A student at the University of BC studying sports administration, he is returning to the squad after a knee operation. MIDFIELD Fernando Aguiar (Toronto Blizzard) - A surprise selection for the trip, who has yet to make an international appearance for his country at any level. Portuguese by birth he only joined the Blizzard this season for his first in the CSL, so has clearly come from nowhere to join the party. Mike Dodd (Winnipeg Fury) - With 12 caps at Under 23 level this combative midfielder played in all four Olympic qualifying matches, so is a likely starter. Despite these caps played his first season with the Winnipeg Fury in the CSL last season with two goals from 14 appearances. At present he is taking a physical educatoin course at Capilano College before transferring to the University of BC. Scott Macey (Vancouver 86ers) - With 13 caps at Under 17 level, including the 1989 FIFA Championship finals in Scotland this experienced midfielder is a likely starter having played in all four of the 3rd Round qualifyinhg matches, scoring vs Trinidad and Tobago in Canadas' 3-0 victory. Has yet to establish himself in the Vancouver 86ers CSL team where he tends to be a squad member, but his 12 caps at Under 23 level suggest he has been a little unlucky at club level. Mike Mosher (London Lasers) - Another regular in the Olympic qualifying games with four appearances including the winning goal vs El Salvador. After four seasons in the CSL, the first three with Edmonton Brickmen, then drafted to Winnipeg Fury for the 1991 season, he will play for the London Lasers in 1992. An ever present last season with Winnipeg he also scored four goals. FORWARDS Carlo Corazzin (Pievigina, Italy) - The only European based player in the squad who has played for the last four seasons in Italy, first with Fourth Division Giorbione and then 3rd division Pievigina for the last three years. Did not play in any of the 3rd round Qualifying games, but appeared twice for the Under 23 team vs the United States in 1990. Scott Munson (Kitchener Kickers) - Named CSL Rookie of the Year last season with five goals from 25 appearances for the Kitchener Kickers in his first professional season. Along with Mark Watson has played in every Under 23 International, 13 in all and is the top scorer. Played in all the Olympic Qualifying matches, scoring four of Canada's seven goals including a hat trick vs Trinidad and Tobago. This brough him to the attention of the full International team's coach who picked him in all three Concacaf Gold Cup tournament matches last July. A student at the Simon Fraser University specialising in criminology who graduates this year. Grand Needham (Montreal Supra) - A likely starter who has played for the Supras in the CSL for the past four seasons and had his most successful year last year with seven goals in 22 matches to be named on the All Star team. Played in all four Olympic Qualifying games scoring twice vs El Salvador and also made 2 B level appearances vs Mexico and the USA during Marth 1991 in the North American Nations Cup. A student at Concordia University in Montreal specialising in anthropology. Paul Peschisolido (Toronto Blizzard) - Despite missing the training camp prior to this trip due to a groin injury he was selected for the tour due to his outstanding goalscoring record in the CSL of 28 goals from just 59 appearances. Played both Under 17 and Under 20 levels and was a starter in all the four Olympic qualifying matches scoring once vs Trinidad and Tobago.
  21. Herdman interview. He's speculating that COVID could lead to another change in format.
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  23. DeRo------------------Gerba-------------------Radzinski Hutchinson--------deGuzman-----------Bernier Klukowski----Serioux----McKenna----Stalteri ------------------------Hirschfeld Hume, Issey, Johnson, Brennan, deJong, Edgar, Borjan For a short while, this team played the best football Canada ever saw. I will never accept how badly this team imploded in 2008.
  24. That sounds like too much work 😕 ha ha... I’ll go an easier route just to spark some debate... best ever starting 11! I’ll do it in a 4-4-2: GK - Iker Casillas RB - Cafu, CB - Maldini, CB - Hierro, LB - Roberto Carlos RM - Cristiano Ronaldo, CM - Xavi, CM - Zidane, LM - Ronaldinho FWD - Ronaldo (Brazilian), FWD - Pelé and just because I’m so bloody conflicted, I’m adding a bench: GK - Oliver Khan RB - Dani Alves, CB - Cannavarro, CB - Beckenbaur, LB - Zanetti RM - Paco Gento, CM - Pirlo, CM - Pep Guardiola, LM - Cruyff FWD - Messi, FWD - Di Stefano There are still so many others...
  25. Athletico continues to add new players, Tevin Shaw, Jamaica. https://canpl.ca/article/atletico-ottawa-adds-jamaican-international-tevin-shaw-to-its-midfield
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