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  2. You think? Word on the street is the only reason they're surviving is the expansion fees. League is already huge, and isn't slowing down, its a bit out of control really. Not sure where they'd be if it weren't for the millions in expansion fees. They need a major broadcasting contract soon, or this might implode sooner than we think. The existing model worked to get started, but they'll need millions from broadcasting rights to take the next step and take the handcuffs off, let the teams own their own players, remove the cap in order to compete with Mexico in champions league, etc... until then the league and owners will remain in the red and dangerously close to folding. I don't see anyone lining up to offer anything remotely close to what they'll need to stay afloat any time soon. Breaking point will surely be at 30 teams.
  3. "Excluded" like somehow they were treated poorly? 🤣
  4. I think they were just chancing their arm to see if they could get away with it. Good to see that the answer was "no". Now they are chancing their arm again with yellow lines although I don't know why they are doing it. Perhaps yellow lines are easier to erase? If so, by all means let us put the needs of the ground staff ahead of producing a professional match day experience.
  5. A salary cap can be important for the early years of the league to keep up the financial viability of the clubs. As far I'm concerned though if an owner has deep enough pockets and is willing to spend the money they should be allowed the option. I don't have an issue with it though for the time being
  6. Agreed, though I imagine as we get closer to the date there will be a bunch of marketing of the Championship. One thing I would like to see changed though is it being a 2 legged game. I would much prefer the Spring Champ get the home date in a one off game like what NASL was doing
  7. After perusing the MLS roster rules real quickly, the only thing I would really take from them is the salary cap (at least for the early days) but I'd prefer it to be more luxury tax based. I think an argument could be made for a DP spot as well though I don't have an opinion one way or the other, but other than that I completely agree
  8. Not a rule per se, but they need to change the criteria for qualifying for the Championship. If you win the spring and fall, you should be CPL champion. Plain and simple. Cavalry have nothing to play for at this point. It's a real shame and I am definitely not paying as much attention to the CPL as I would have otherwise. Really hope the change that for next season.
  9. I see it as a rising tide raises all ships. Add some higher quality players to U Sports and the Canadians are only going to get better. I still don't see it having much of an effect of bringing Americans to U Sports though. Remember when we all thought there would be a bunch of Americans in CPL? And there's what? One American on loan?
  10. You seem to be comparing the Women's World Cup referees, the best in the World, to NWSL referees. As for the article, it is not surprising to me that MLS refs are typically better than NWSL refs because MLS is a higher level of play; and refs will work at the highest level they can reach.
  11. I really hope the CPL doesn't look to the MLS for any kind of inspiration. The MLS has a good successful thing going and it's growing but it's not the league I would model anything off of
  12. Remind me to never get on your bad side lol
  13. That must've been where they drew the line.
  14. Which is why with CPL I haven't watched a single MLS game this year. Mind you, it would be nice to have a little more clarity on the CPL roster rules
  15. He spent a ****load of cash bringing in garbage players from France (Novillo, Camacho....). Trashed players that were recently brought in to help out (Ballou, Browne.....). Meanwhile had a hard time managing obvious issues in the dressing room, as well as some personal issues with some players. Gave a huge raise to Bush who is at most a bush league player (i swear i didn't notice the pun until i had written it), and also let go a homegrown (Crepeau) who seems better than Bush in all ways except for being a little short for a pro keeper. I liked Garde, but he seemed in over his head. How do you explain spending 1.4million on Novillo and Camacho??? His strategy seemed to be "i know a guy in France that can help". Seemed convinced that French L2 was superior to MLS.
  16. By all means, let's bandy words and split hairs over whether a franchise of an American league can be called an "American franchise"! 😂 How exactly would CPL teams that are required to start at least 6 Canadians in all CPL matches be "screwed over" by exactly the same rule in the Voyageurs Cup? Not that I would care anyway. This CANADIAN competition should have rules that make it for CANADIAN players.
  17. yeah what the... Really like this though. And did he really? Even if so, the players brought in were the ones he wanted, and they failed to have an impact.
  18. I think it’s not a negative move for him given Garde’s comments.
  19. Starting from the bench again? Not a good trend...
  20. Stupid MLS rules. Why is everything so convoluted in this league?
  21. Replaced with Cabrera who was just fired in Houston. I wonder how this affects Ballou?
  22. The thing I hate about the USports deal/arrangement is that it excludes College players. Why... I don't know. But I can guarantee you that there are as much quality players in OUA as there is in OCAA. It just doesn't make sense to exclude them. Anyone know the reason?
  23. whoops, sorry badname22. Spoiler alert. must have hit post 1 second before me.
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