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  • And the real winner is......


    Soccer in Canada.

    Vancouver fans can certainly enjoy their day in the sun, but looking at the greater picture, this is an historic, positive day for Canadian soccer. A national broadcast of an all-Canadian match-up in the top flight of North American soccer has not happened at this level in at least 27 years. With a lot of attention brought to this game to those people that might not otherwise have paid attention (ie. regular viewers of TSN), a high-scoring affair to shut up the cynical, negative, nail-biting "soccer is boring because nobody scores" miserablists is the best thing that could have happened.


    It will be interesting to see what the ratings are like. On the downside, the match was (partially) up against Hockey Night in Canada. However, TSN is generally a higher-profile network than Sportsnet (generally will get higher ratings) and for the first time there are two Canadian markets for an MLS match-up to draw the ratings from.

    And this is not just a case of two Canadian-based teams made up entirely of foreign players. A total of 7 Canucks eligible to represent Canada played in the match - De Rosario, Cann, Attakora, Zavarise, Makabuya, Dunfield and Teibert - and all still with some degree of a future in playing for Canada. This number will only likely increase in future match-ups between the two teams (and Montreal) as the academies begin to churn out more and more players (the number of Canadian youth coming out of TFC being a refreshingly positive sign). The next time Canada actually gets close to qualifying for a World Cup (never mind actually doing so), we may be able to point back to this game as another positive signpost in the road that led us there.

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