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  • Update on MLS MatchDay Live in Canada


    ccs-3097-140264008133_thumb.jpgFor the background, please read "Why are Canadians being shut out of MLS MatchDay Live?" (Sunday, March 6)

    First Kick between the Seattle Sounders and Los Angeles Galaxy is now only five days away, and many Canadian fans are still wondering whether they will have a (legal) way to view it.

    Several Canadian fans have received emails from Neulion -- the provider of the webstreaming service -- with the following message: "We have been informed that access to users outside of the US will be available shortly. Unfortunately package details have not been released yet."

    But now, an official with Major League Soccer has provided Canadian Soccer News with a clear answer on the situation.


    "All non-national TSN games will be available via MatchDay Live in Canada," said the official via email. The official requested anonymity because the deal had not yet been officially announced. "The bottom line is that if the match is not broadcast on TV in Canada, then you are able to watch it on MatchDay Live. As for the error message Canadian fans received when they registered, we are looking to correct that."

    Can Canadian fans expect MatchDay Live to be up and running by the start of the season?

    "Yes, our goal is to have (the issue) rectified as soon as possible."

    This appears to be a positive sign for Canadian MLS fans who were worried about the potential of not having access to the service in 2011 (even though as of this writing, 10 a.m. ET on Thursday, users are still being told that MDL is not available outside the U.S.)

    For the sake of clarity, the MLS official quoted in this story is not the same person as either of the MLS officials quoted in the original story.

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