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  • Tracking Back: Frozen Footie


    This week's Tracking Back isn't meant to reveal some long-forgotten triumph. Nor does it reach way back into the past to pluck out some proof that soccer in Canada has more history than anyone gives it credit. But this may be my favourite picture of all, if only because of it's unexpected and undeniable Canadianness.


    This photo was taken in 1966, in Cape Dorset – then in the Northwest Territories, now in Nunavut. Similar photos of kids gleefully playing street footie come from just everywhere, but you just gotta love the Canadian take on it. It should be noted: I can't remember a time when I was as excited to do anything as that kid on the right appears to be, and all he's got on the agenda is "move three feet forward, kick ball." Damn him.


    Photo credit: Charles Gimpel / Library and Archives Canada / e002414689

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