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  • Some Canadian Guys #30: Talkin' to Marcus Haber


    ccs-3097-140264007737_thumb.jpgThe day has arrived: The 30th (technically the 31st, but whatever) episode of the Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer podcast! It's an extra-large edition, featuring an interview with striker Marcus Haber of West Bromwich Albion (formerly of the Vancouver Whitecaps).

    Marcus talks to us about where he's at in recovering from knee surgery, what it means to him to represent Canada in international competition, how he feels about seeing his hometown 'Caps enter MLS and what he thinks of West Brom's new manager, Roy Hodgson. He also tells us about tattoos, UberTwitter, lumberjacks, beans on toast, and the "5 S system" he always lives by.


    Plus! We hit on even more topics with Marcus -- such as the Champions League, replay technology and whether anyone's ever shown up to training drunk -- in a special extra segment available exclusively to our iTunes subscribers.

    On the rest of the show, we talk about Stephen Hart's offence-minded formation for the men's national team and who fits into it best (including a certain uncommitted young kid who we're all tired of talking about, but continue talking about anyway)... as well as hitting on the 2011 Voyageurs Cup and a number of other topics in Promotion/Relegation, and coming up with Canadian answers to the "Boonbooree" goal-scoring song gifted to a certain young turncoat.

    The full show, including the interview: Some Canadian Guys #30: The Dirty Thirty (mp3)

    Just the interview: SCG Interview: Marcus Haber (mp3)

    To get the bonus material: Subscribe to Some Canadian Guys on iTunes

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