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  • Paul Stalteri: Definitely not retired, not ruling out MLS


    When questions as to whether Paul Stalteri had retired surfaced in mid-August, I flipped his official website an email inquiring into the situation with a few follow-up questions.

    Somebody, perhaps his representative, responded and said he or she would forward the questions to Paul. Yesterday I was emailed what this person said were Stalteri's responses. The answers are typically guarded, but we can glean from his replies that he's still keen to play football.

    Time is ticking for Canada's most-capped international. He turns 35 in October. The last time he saw anything resembling regular playing time was three years ago during the 2008/09 season with Borussia Mönchengladbach in the German first division.


    For some further background: TSN reported in May that Stalteri had arthroscopic surgery on both hips last spring and summer and that he was training with Mönchengladbach's reserve team while conducting his job search.

    How difficult was the process of recovering/recuperating from your latest set of injuries?

    Without a question, this was the most difficult part of my career. I had never had to deal with any kind of rehab like this one. Although it did take close to a year before I was fully fit, I feel fantastic now and it was well worth the hours and hours of hard rehab.

    How did it feel to go so long without playing regular club football?

    Like I said the last year and a half or so have been pretty tough mentally but it is something you have to be strong enough in your mind to deal with and not get yourself down.

    Have you had any playing offers you've considered seriously?

    At the moment I am considering a couple different options but I have yet to make a decision as to what the next step or challenge will be in my career.

    Would you consider playing in MLS if you received the right offer? Why or why not?

    I have not ruled out playing in any league or country at the moment and that would include the MLS.

    If you haven't received the right offer, at what point would you considering officially retiring?

    I have not set a timeline on any decision yet.

    Would you ever consider taking a coaching/mentorship roles in Canadian youth soccer?

    I have throughout my career thought about what I would do once I am finished playing and it would be very difficult to imagine not having any part of my post career life to do with football. At what level or in what area will remain to be seen.

    How do you rate the chances of Canada's mens' team to finally qualify for the Hex?

    It was unfortunate not to get a win against Honduras as I thought we were much better on the day. I believe a lot will depend on the result in Honduras now. I have said before the group started that I believed Panama will get through and I still believe that, but we are in with a real good chance. I am not convinced that Honduras are as good a team as they were 4 years ago.

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