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  • Canada nudges up in FIFA rankings


    Canada boinked up five spots in the FIFA rankings released earlier today to number 83. Right in between Cape Verde Islands and Malawi.

    I don’t really understand the FIFA rankings. How they are calculated or what the ranking itself actually means. As far as I understand, the really important thing to watch is where Canada sits relative to its Concacaf rivals. It’s crucial Canada holds onto that top-8 spot. If Concacaf changes its qualifying format, Canada would desperately want to avoid a group of death scenario in the second round of four seeded groups of four.


    I know this site has a few readers well-versed in the intricacies of Fifa rankings and what they mean for Canada, so please pipe into the comments section and fill us all in on what’s important and what isn’t.

    In the meantime, here’s a brief summary written by a person with the handle rdroze on the Voyageurs board about how Fifa rankings are calculated:

    …basically it comes down to this: for each game played a team gets a certain number of points which is affected by:

    1) Result: 0 points for a loss, and three times as many points for a win as for a draw

    2) Opponent: the higher-ranked your opponent, the more points you get

    3) Confederation: certain confederations (UEFA and CONMEBOL) get more points than others

    4) Importance: World Cup games and continental championships are worth more than qualifiers, which are worth more than friendlies

    Then the points you get for each game are essentially weighted-averaged over four years, with more recent games being worth more.

    And if you’ve really got some spare time on your hands read through the entire thread to see Canadian soccer supporters in all their glory. It’s the cyber-spat equivalent of bald men arguing over a comb.

    - Grant

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