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  • Alberta: An open letter to Scott Chen, Ray Calvin and Richard Adams



    Author's note: The three gentlemen named above are all that remains of the Alberta Soccer Association's board of directors following last Friday's "unburdening" in Edmonton.

    Now, for all that I've been trying to keep things on the record, there's been a lot of back-channel traffic this week, and I feel compelled to tell you what I know, even though I can't come clean about how I know it.

    Chris Billings, the Alberta Soccer Association's president-by-name, remains suspended by both the ASA and CSA, and will not be appearing and voting at the Canadian Soccer Association's Special General Meeting the first weekend in February. This is high-level stamped, folks. I'd love to be wrong about this, but there's no point debating it any further.

    That brings us to Scott Chen, Ray Calvin and Richard Adams.

    Some combination of these lads will be voting for Alberta when the issue of Canadian soccer governance comes to a final, binding vote a week Saturday.

    And we simply just don't know how they feel about the whole thing.

    So, we do what we do here -- we ask:




    1) Are you in favour of the original CSA governance reform model, drafted in April 2010 -- and why?

    2) If not, will Alberta be supporting the compromise model -- the one which allows up to three provincial presidents to remain on the CSA board?

    3) What role -- if any -- do you believe the provinces should have in running Canada's national soccer teams?

    4) Do you -- any of you -- have ambitions to serve Canadian soccer outside of Alberta?

    I can be reached any time -- benknight103 at yahoo.ca. All responses will be considered ON the record.


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