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  • A tactical Frings thing



    Torsten Frings played a deep sweeper role for Toronto FC in yesterday's 2-1 win over Colorado.

    The German international ably held down the centre of defence, neatly filling the gaping hole between Andy Iro and Ty Harden that Pumas of Mexico expoited so brutally in that 4-0 CONCACAF paste job last week.

    But don't look for this to be a regular assignment for TFC's captain.


    Head coach Aron Winter told the post-game press conference he chose to play Frings out-of-position Saturday to counter the speed of the Colorado front men. Winter said he didn't feel his centre backs could stop them one-on-one, and that Frings will return to a holding midfield position in future matches.

    Frings' back-line solidity allowed Toronto fullbacks Ashtone Morgan and Richard Eckersley to push forward extensively. Both spent most of the first half in the Rapids' end, with Morgan leading several penetrating rushes.

    They were aided by the fact Colorado rarely crossed midfield until later in the game. It's also cool to note that Morgan and Eckersley each made outstanding goal-line clearances down the stretch, and the Rapids threatened to draw -- and even win -- the match.


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