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    The Voyageurs, the national team supporters group for Canada, have secured a block of tickets to the Canada v USA game in Detroit on June 7th. To hold the section they need to sell the tickets right away.

    To assist the Voyageurs efforts (they're looking at booking day trip buses as well, you can read more here), Canadian Soccer News has added a Pay Pal button to the front page of CSN that syncs with the Voyageurs account. We encourage you to go buy your tickets now. I know it's difficult to make plans so far ahead and even harder because it's the summer months - but how often are you going to get to watch your national team play the USA so close to the Canadian border? And as far as rivalries go, regardless of sport, nothing inflames the national passions like an 1812 derby.


    As a further incentive, if the first block of seats sell out, I'll buy this house in Detroit and turn it into a Voyageurs Chapter house. Ok, maybe I won't do that. Actually... maybe I will.

    So, what say you? Are you heading to Detroit to support the Red and White?

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