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  • It's Called Gone Fishing



    As we've been alluding to over the last while, because of other research related work, we were anticipating we would miss a show here or there over the next month.

    Tonight is one of those nights when both Duane and I are away working on other assignments. If you can't bare to go a single week without hearing the sultry sounds of our football insights, may I recommend you check out our iTunes library. There are well over 3 million ICF podcasts there* and you're bound to find one you may have missed.

    If that's still not enough, I will be appearing on the Footy Show's Take Your Kick show on Wednesday and Sportsnet's Some Canadian Guys Talking About Soccer podcast Thursday to talk some nonsense.

    But if you're craving something more serious tonight, I'd suggest you check out the Paul James podcast (going up sometime Monday night.) Given today's revelations, it's likely going to be a must listen.


    * - 3 million is probably closer to around 500 or 600 but we stopped counting when we left ThatChannel years ago.

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