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  • A slow news day update on DeRo



    I've gotten a lot of mail and PM requests this week to update on where things stand with Dwayne DeRosario, Celtic and Toronto FC.

    Well, there isn't a lot to update from last week. He's still there. He's still not signed. And, no, he's still not talking.

    But, we aim to please, and our friends at STV were nice enough to grant us permission to distribute a brief video of DeRo training and their sports reporter, Grant Russell (follow him on Twitter) gave us a few choice quotes to work with.


    Dwayne is due to remain with Celtic for the rest of the week. He has been training and trained again today with the first team squad at the club's Lennoxtown training base. DeRo also played in a closed doors practice match last week against Hibernian.
    And how is he doing?
    As things stand, there is no indication from Celtic that they are going to approach Toronto with an offer. The arrival of Ljungberg and the possible capture of Erik Huseklepp suggests there wouldn't be a role for him. However, the club haven't indicated either way.
    Toronto FC said last week that they expect him to be back in the city before camps opens, and with his time running out at Celtic, that appears ever more true.

    If he does end his trial on Friday, without a contract offer, the focus quickly shifts back to Toronto and his ongoing re-negotiation efforts here. Will he get what he wants? Or are the walking papers inevitable?

    Like I said in the title - it's a slow news day.


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