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  • X-Mas Eve LOLs: Poor Finishing


    ccs-54-140264006722_thumb.jpgCelebrate the holidays by laughing at the misfortune of others!

    The beautiful game is called that because of the flowing passes, precise movements, and stunning goals that all combine together to form the sport that we all love so. But for every Lionel Messi "slalom through five hapless defenders" wundergoal, there's a brutal "wide open net that just needs a slight gust of wind for a goal" miss that draws equal amount of emotion from supporters, for the opposite reasons.

    Here are some of those.


    How about this Greek Second Division game between Veria FC and Levadeiakos, which featured one of the most pathetic finishing displays in recorded football this year?

    H/T to Steve Goff and 101greatgoals.com

    Another recent display of "Jeff Cunningham in a crucial game"-style finishing comes from FIFA's good friends Qatar, in their national team's Asian Games match vs. Uzbekistan earlier this year:


    Dinamo Zagreb give us one of the worst misses of 2009, courtesy of Ilija Sivonjić. He is now out on loan, oddly enough:

    Let's go way back to 2003 for this next one, courtesy of Arnaldo Vera of Libertad:

    If you haven't had your fill, here's a compilation:

    Have a great Christmas Eve, everyone!

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