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  • Vancouver Whitecaps v Chivas USA: The Story in Pictures


    Well, here we go. I guess. Canada is set to try and rescue its 2013 Gold Cup against Mexico.

    No problem then.


    Forget that the players don't seem to care and that there is no one on the team that can score. Instead, focus on the positives!

    No, not that we are one day closer to death and thus closer from being spared the burden of cheering for this team. That would be negative. Try, instead, to imagine the possibilities. Mexico is young, this isn't their World Cup team. They looked vulnerable against Panama.

    Maybe the loss to Martinique lit a fire under the ass of a few of Canada's players. Mexico has been known to completely self-destruct from time to time. And Canada's all time record is better against them then it really should be.

    Hell, if Canada wins and Panama beats Martinique WE COULD STILL WIN THE GROUP!!!

    The west coast Voyageurs are in Seattle ready and willing to do what it takes. Far be it from me to suggest that they find out where the referee is for the match and remind him that we come from a country where our national sports both involve players hitting other players with heavy wooden objects.

    That would be wrong.

    Convincing the Mexicans that Richard "El Gol de Oro" Hastings is making a comeback! Well, that would just be smart. (Actually, does anyone know what Richard is up to? We could use the warm body).

    I'm coming around. This is going to be glorious! VICTORY!!! I can taste it.

    It will be an inspired performance, the first of five straight wins ending with a 5-0 win over Martinique in the final. It's going to be awesome.

    Or, more likely we'll lose by three, but the beer will still be cold. So, try and enjoy the game. I mean it could be worse, right?

    We could be watching TFC.

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