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  • The Good:

    Can't Put Pedro & Kendall In The Corner

    First thing first, great run by Kekuta Manneh to get the corner for the Whitecaps. As soon as Pedro runs over to the corner you could hear the supporters start buzzing. It's almost like they knew something special was about to happen.

    Erik Hurtado made a great play by drawing defenders to the front post and letting Waston follow right behind him with a free run.

    Even though Waston over jumped the height of the cross he was still able to get head to ball and score the biggest goal in the Whitecaps' MLS history.

    10 games in for Waston and he has become a fan favourite and is on his way to DeMerit level of fame.

    The Average:


    Out of the 17 MLS home games, the Whitecaps sold out 11 of them. They averaged just over 20,400 fans to a game this season. If they are to host a home playoff game versus Seattle you have to think the FO will open up the lower bowl for 26,000.

    This season was a great step in the proper direction. I believe they are still a year or two away from getting the tarps off for good. They have created a demand and the market is coming in the direction they want.

    The Bad:

    Darren Mattocks

    The game was full of Mattocks being out of proper position, coming back to the ball and giving up too soon during a build up.

    This might have been his last MLS regular season game in the white and blue for the Whitecaps. In my opinion it was one of his worst outings this season.

    Too many times he gave up on a play if the ball didn't come right to his feet. And the times when it did he had horrible passes and touches and just turned it over.

    Manneh and Hurtado came on to the pitch and made impacts in their limited minutes. That is something Mattocks hasn't done in weeks.

    There will be trade value for him this off season, even at a salary of $220,000. Whitecaps should be able to get a decent return on him.

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