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  • Ugly rumour, ugly world


    As much as we sometimes wish it to be otherwise, the world isn't always black and white.

    Take Asmir Begovic and his decision to play for Bosnia over Canada, where he played as a youth international. Begovic was a frustrating study for the Canadian fan as the player was front and centre in the promotion for the 2007 u-20 tournament. The player made all sorts of nice sound bites about Canada giving his family a second chance and how playing for the country was one way to pay that back.

    We all know how it played out. Eventually he turned away from Canada to represent his country of birth. The decision came just days after he appeared to make a contradictory statement to the Full Time radio program in Vancouver.

    So, many Canadian fans can be forgiven if they choke on their corn flakes when reading what he said to FC Edmonton today when it was announced that he would be part of a charitable effort there to give tickets to children in need.


    I come from a bit of a tough background. My family and I came to Canada with not a lot as part of a refugee family so my parents had to work really hard in order to give me anything I had.

    On the surface, it seems a little disingenuous.

    And it might be. I've made my opinion on this subject clear many times in the past. Guys that decide to represent other countries are free to do so -- and I'm free to ignore then after.

    However, some information about the Begovic situation that I've received from a few different sources has made me pause when it comes to the keeper. It's a hard thing to report since it is innuendo, but in interest of a full picture it's perhaps time to just throw it at the wall.

    The caveat is that it's rumour. My position is that it's plausible, but not provable. The sad part of it all is that it's possible.

    What I've been told -- and I'm likely not the only person to have been told this -- is that Begovic was set on playing for Canada. And then his family got a knock on its door. They were convinced that representing Bosnia was in Begovic's and his family’s best interest. The argument was compelling -- very hard to ignore. It was the safe choice.

    As stated, the world is not black and white. Nor does it always play fair.

    Take it for what it’s worth...

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