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  • ToronTWO schedule released TWOday

    The home opener goes May 23 when Deux Rouge (trying too hard?) play old USL/A-League Lynx rivals Rochester. (As an aside: Fitting day for a U-Sector 15th anniversary party, no?). That game is at BMO. Although no time is listed yet we can likely assume it will be after the first team takes care of Portland.

    Toron2 (meh) plays one more BMO game, June 27. That one likely comes moments after a glourious victory over DC United (running TFC’s record to a remarkable 15-0-0, assumedly).

    Then the Junior Reds (too obvious?) head up to their Vaughan Wonderland (cause, you know, the amusement park is in Vaughan…) to play 13 of 14 straight at home. Tic tac tabernac their not even the Impact is once again the opponent for the stadium opener. Of note, the one road game in that stretch is in Montreal. Oh Canada.

    The home stand ends against our friends from Quebec as well. I’m sure the players won’t at all be sick of each other by that point.

    Three straight road games end the schedule, with the regular season finale at former affiliate partner Wilmington on Sept 19.

    Then Tworiffic playoff glory for the TFC2 (that’s what it’s going to be, isn’t it?)

    Full schedule here: http://uslpro.uslsoccer.com/teams/2015/74649498.html#SCHEDULE

    (Seriously, the team needs a good nickname. Help me in the comments…)

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