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    Our friends in Vancouver are excited. And that's fine. It's exciting times. All of us in Toronto remember the rush of those first few games in 2007. Enjoy the moment.

    The Southsiders, who have been around a long time and have dealt with a lot of crap over the years, have their tails up too. Again, God speed. Their president, John Knox, even wrote an article in the Vancouver Sun today.


    An excerpt:

    This month has been absolutely monumental for Canada’s oldest soccer supporters group (we’ve been at this since 1999!). An incredible amount of growth in the past two months has reaffirmed my earlier declarations that Vancouver (the city) is the heart and soul of Canadian soccer, and Vancouver (the fans) would get behind their club in ways that would surpass anything that Toronto was capable of doing

    The highlight is mine.

    Upon reading this I was reminded of the final day I spent in B.C. last month. We drove up to Whistler to enjoy the stunning landscape our left coast friends have been blessed with. While walking through the village, our merry group of five Torontonians stumbled upon a t-shirt barring a familiar looking logo -- the blue maple leaf of our local hockey heroes. However, rather than having the words "Toronto Maple Leafs" contained in the logo, it simply said "Leafs suck."

    Now, there is no denying the accuracy of the statement (although it is worth pointing out that the Vancouver Canucks have been in existence for 40 years and have yet to win the Stanley Cup), but the t-shirt did beg a question: Did it come with the chip already on the shoulder or did one have to grow it?

    Despite having a hockey team that was in the middle of winning the President’s Trophy for most points in the regular season, there apparently was a market in B.C. for a shirt ripping on a club that was about 20 spots below them in the standings. It would be a bit like seeing a Stoke Sucks Donkeys t-shirt at Old Trafford.

    The point being, of course, that it's a bit puzzling that Knox feels it necessary to compare levels of support between Toronto and Vancouver. The truth is the Toronto fans accomplishments over the last four plus years should be applauded and rejoiced upon, just as we should be very, very happy that nearly 600 people have joined the Southsiders.

    The sport needs more dedicated fans everywhere in Canada, period.

    One last critique: The Voyageurs are older than the Southsiders.

    Note: I'm ripping the piss a bit guys...relax.

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