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  • Panic, Fear and loathing - Canada awaits the World Cup draw


    What is likely the most important factor in Canada’s (admittedly slim) chances at making an appearance in Brazil will take place tomorrow, at the World Cup qualifying draw.

    CSN will have a live blog of the event.

    The Canadians find themselves forced to play in the second round of qualifying this time around, having just missed gaining a direct bye into the third round by two ranking spots. It’s likely for the best, as the second round will provide Canada with an opportunity to gel while playing minnows. Although fans are inclined to fear the worst, in truth there isn’t much to make one tremble.

    The one exception might be Guatemala, by far the best country not in the top pot. The Group of Death, such as it is, will be the one that the Central Americans are drawn to.

    Here are the pots:


    Pot 4:



    El Salvador


    Trinidad and Tobago


    Pot 5:

    Antigua and Barbuda



    Saint Kitts and Nevis



    Pot 6:

    Puerto Rico



    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    Cayman Islands


    Pot 7:



    Dominican Republic

    Saint Lucia


    U.S. Virgin Islands

    The more important part of the draw will be the make up of round three. Assuming there isn’t a disaster of epic proportions in the second round, Canada will know two of the three opponents it will face in the semi-finals next year. A not very difficult educated guess will reveal the third.

    In the semi-finals, Canada will be assured of one of the US, Mexico or Honduras. There is no easy touch there. It’s the second pot that will be telling.

    Jamaica, Costa Rica and, unbelievably, Cuba. It’s clear what every fan of Canada wants there, in order of preference.

    The draw matters. Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Canada versus Honduras, Cuba, Grenada and Canada.

    Canada has had horrible luck in back to back draws. Will it change tomorrow?

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