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  • Is it DeRo, MeRo or MVP?


    For a Canadian MLS fan it’s unlikely there has ever been a player that has caused as much ambivalence as Dwayne De Rosario. The man from the mean streets Malvern (according to Scottish tabloids) who mimes cheque signings with the best of them – and can score more than the odd world class free kick – inspires equal parts devotion and scorn – often in the same person.

    In Toronto, there are fans that gave up on TFC when TFC gave up on DeRo. To them, it doesn’t matter what the bad-apple rumours suggest. DeRo was the only reason to support the Reds and now that he’s gone so are they. On the other side, there is the MeRo crowd. He was a cancer in the room and his skill will never justify his baggage.

    Most, however, fall in the middle. They see the talent and they respect the skill, but they are disappointed by the other stuff and think that he could have been more. As stated, ambivalent.

    It’s the same across the league by those handicapping the MLS MVP race.

    [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]You can’t deny the stats. DeRo clearly had the best statistical season of any player in 2011 and if the award was for “outstanding player” rather than most valuable De Rosario could probably make room in the trophy case already.

    Of course there is the whole three teams in one year thing. Plus the fact that DC United, the club that he put most of his numbers up with, actually had a worse record with DeRo on the pitch than without. So, it’s hard to defend him as MVP.

    Except he is. And, my MVP vote reflected that opinion.

    Here's the thing: In MLS, like most North America sports, the MVP award goes to the most outstanding player. In 2011, in MLS, that’s DeRo. It’s criminal that he has never before won the award. Hopefully, the voters agree this year and put an end to that injustice.

    If DeRo does win the MVP award then he should find himself on a shortlist of Canadian athletes for another award – the Lou Marsh award for outstanding Canadian athlete. A soccer player has never won, despite being the most popular participation sport in Canada for several years running.

    And that’s even more criminal than DeRo being MVP-less.

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