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  • How the new Leafs radio deal could help TFC fans


    CSN has learned that MLSE is in negotiations with Rogers to get GolTV moved to basic cable, which would dramatically increase that channel’s reach in the GTA. Currently, GolTV is a digital only channel and viewers must pay about $7 a month to purchase the tier it is on (in some places you can get GolTV by itself for around $2 a month).


    Interestingly, it might be Toronto’s seemingly insatiable appetite for its hard luck hockey team that gets the deal done. Rogers is desperate to re-gain the Leafs radio rights for its flagship station the FAN 590. Currently, AM 640 holds the rights, which last one more season. However, there are persistent rumours that AM 640 might be looking to sell the last year of the rights.

    That’s where GolTV comes in. Rogers would want to extend the rights to beyond the duration of the AM 640 contract, so the negotiations would have to include MLSE. As it stands now, MLSE can simply wait the year out and put the rights up to a general auction. However, it’s being suggested that MLSE would be willing to bypass an auction and only negotiate with Rogers if the cable company was willing to make the GolTV switch.

    MLSE has been criticised for moving several of TFC’s games to GolTV. It’s suggested that the fans are being “forced” to by the channel to access the team.

    There will be 21 games broadcasted on GolTV in 2011.

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