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  • FIFA reneges


    For the second time in less than a year CONCACAF was blindsided by FIFA officials who assured them of one thing before doing something entirely different.

    Earlier this year the USA was overlooked for the 2022 World Cup; last week a promised was reneged to extend another half sport for 2014 qualifying.

    The same CSA officials that told CSN that the fourth spot was "a done deal" on Sunday were angry and frustrated Friday.


    "FIFA left (CONCACAF) holding the bag," one official said.

    The decision to keep the status quo relates to a power play for the FIFA presidency. Facing a challenge from Asia, Sepp Blatter can't afford to award sport on merit when his power base is amongst the smaller nations in the "minor" confederation.

    Unfortunately CONCACAF continues to be the confederation that can be taken for granted.

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