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  • Eternal hope


    In my midget year of hockey my team lost 31 straight games.

    However, a funny thing happened that year. Despite having been on good teams before, I still look back on that team more fondly than any other I've ever played for. The losing made us closer and when we finally did win (5-2 over Brighton, Ont., I can remember it like it was yesterday) it was as sweet as any victory I can ever remember.

    Parents cried. An impromptu party was thrown together. I've never seen my mother as, um, refreshed as I did that night. Our teenage boy awkwardness was swept away in the euphoria--we were joyful, silly, boys enjoying being boys.

    This is sports. You care and hope about things that logically don't matter and you dream about things you know are likely impossible. It's a constant chase for a fleeting moment of pure happiness that forever stays with you.

    Welcome to season 8 of Toronto FC.


    If you're reading this you're one of the ones that fell hard for the Reds. You're still here. You always knew you would be. You're likely never letting go. None of us are.

    Despite the teasing of friends that don't understand, the scorn of colleagues that think we're insane and the nagging voice inside our head that agrees with them, we refused to stop caring or dreaming.

    We're dreaming now. And the club has given us enough hope that we might even be prepared to admit what we're thinking.

    Maybe this is the year. Maybe we'll experience that moment we've been waiting for.

    But, regardless you're excited about the journey you're about to take. That's the thing, right? The journey through all of the highs and lows is what makes those rare moments of joy possible.

    The last seven years have lead us to this place. They have shaped us and we should wear them with pride.

    Seven shite years and we're still here.

    And if it takes seven more we'll still be there.

    Our dreams matter. Embrace them. Dare to believe they'll come true.

    If they don't then we'll still wear the colours with pride because we are supporters.

    All for One onto the next adventure...

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