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  • CONCACAF Champions League to change in 2012-13 -- and not for better


    The 2012 CONCACAF Champions League will feature a new format.

    Instead of a preliminary group stage leading to four groups of four teams, the federation will move to eight three team groups.

    Only the winner will advance to the quarterfinals.


    The change is likely to reduce the amount of games teams play. In 2011-12, Toronto FC played eight games to advance to the quarterfinals. Under the new format they would play just four.

    However, instead of exposing fans to four different teams -- part of the charm of a Champions League is to opportunity to watch teams you don't normally see -- only two opponents will be on the menu.

    Although there is no word about what countries will be seeded, it seems highly unlikely Canada will be one of the teams seeded at the top of the group (regardless of Canada's success at the event, it will not be seeded until there is a full league, or, at least, an open cup leading into the CCL).

    On a surface look, it seems as though advancement to the quarterfinals much more difficult for Canada moving forward.

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