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  • CCL ticket exchange: Getting tickets in the hands of fans


    A quick look today shows multiple tickets to Wednesday’s CCL game still available for sale – if you’re willing to pay an outrageous mark-up (I'm not linking because I don't want to promote the sites).

    As expected, ticket speculators gobbled up seats and are using the Beckham brand to try and turn a profit far beyond what is reasonable. It’s greed, pure and simple, and it’s something that should concern everyone. Even if you have your tickets sorted, you should still want a full and involved Rogers Centre for the game. The scalpers need only to sell a portion of the seats they are looking to move at the prices they are asking to cover their costs. They will eat handfuls if they have to, leaving empty seats throughout.

    In the final days before the game, it stands to reason that there will be fans that find themselves with extra seats, or with unexpected commitments that prevent them from going to the game. Let’s make sure those extra tickets end up in the hands of true fans.

    If you have extras that you are willing to sell at cost, please contact me at duanegrollins@gmail.com or on Twitter at @24thminute. Utilizing the reach of CSN, we will find buyers for the seats. Yes, you might be able to make a few bucks by selling to a scalper, but one look at the glutton of tickets out there suggests that any profit you receive will be minimal at best.

    Let’s get real, interested fans in the stadium at an affordable price.


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