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  • An old, sad story that can't be repeated enough


    As reported today by Sports Illustrated, FIFA has finally admitted to the possibility that games were fixed at this past summer’s Gold Cup.

    News of the potential fix is months old, but it is interesting to note that FIFA remains interested in the case. The results in question involved three different countries – Cuba, Grenada and El Salvador.

    Considering that all three of those teams were in groups not involving Canada, and that the Gold Cup qualifies the two best third place finishers (and Canada lost out on that because it didn’t beat up a team under match fixing allegations), Canadian fans can feel justified in being more than a tad bit aggrieved.

    As CSN contributor and The Score’s Footy Blog editor Richard Whittall pointed out to me earlier today, that this news comes out today is a bit odd when you consider that it falls on the heels of ex-co member Issa Hayatou getting a slap on the wrist for essentially taking a bribe (allegedly, duh) to give Qatar the 2022 World Cup.

    Distraction can be a wonderful PR exercise, can’t it?


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