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  • A TFC Tale of Two Cities (The Only Part)

    Michael Crampton

    TFC Fan 1: Hey, do you remember that time we made the playoffs?

    TFC Fan 2: No, that's ridiculous, what are you talking about?

    TFC Fan 1: Oh, yeah, that's right. ... I momentarily forgot that I support a historically unsuccessful team. Still we did win a few Voyageurs Cups!

    TFC Fan 2: Yeah, but that's easy.

    TFC Fan 1: So easy that the Vancouver Whitecaps have never done it in a decade of trying!

    TFC Fan 2: What do you mean? Surely that's impossible?

    TFC Fan 1: No, I'm not joking. They've actually never won. Even though there was a time it was literally only contested by two teams.

    TFC Fan 2: Huhn, that's funny, 'cause I'm sure I read an article by a Vancouver fan taking elaborate, unearned shots at TFC.

    TFC Fan 1: Yeah, it's one of those strange things. They seem to think that 5th place is a trophy.

    TFC Fan 2: Mountains are nice though!

    TFC Fan 1: Yeah, if you're into that.

    Happy New Year's everyone!

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