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    The devil you know -- Will US politics kill Canada's World Cup hosting ambition

    Duane Rollins

    What is the only country in the world to have hosted ever FIFA event in both the men's and women's game?

    It's just a trivia question, but one that the Canadian Soccer Association badly wants to be the answer to. As of right now that answer is no one. If the United Bid of 2026 wins the day, Canada will lay claim to winning a race that no one else realized they were running (if we conveniently consider the 2002 Women's u19 event the current FIFA Women's U17 World Cup that is, but let's not get bogged down in literal facts right now). 

    The idea that this frozen land of ice hockey loving hosers that call the game soccer could possibly be the first to host every potential event is a compelling one and one that will get trotted out a lot in the build up to the bid vote and (hopefully for the CSA) over the eight year preparation for hosting.

    The dream of landing the big prize of the men's World Cup has been openly talked about in Canadian soccer circles for at least a decade and work on a bid has been ongoing for far longer than most people realize. However, it was only in recent years that the CSA was convinced to drop their solo bid and instead attach their hopes to the United States where they are very much a minor partner along with Mexico.

    It was really a path of least resistance for Canada. The US obviously has some incredible infrastructure advantages that neither Canada or Mexico can match, without building new stadiums themselves. Although Canada could build the stadiums -- We're rich. We could --  in today's political climate getting stadiums built with public funds is an exceptionally difficult thing to do. 

    But, also in today's political climate the United States has elected a man who is...let's call him divisive. That shouldn't offend any of his supporters that might read this, as they value that divisiveness.

    That's their choice, but what matters here is that those who did not chose, or have a choice, to elect Donald Trump President do have a vote in the election to chose the 2026 World Cup host. 

    And, many of those people do not appreciate Trump calling their country a shithole, as he was perceived to have done last month.    

    There's no sense being coy about this. Trump is an obstacle to the bid winning. Canadian soccer has attached itself to the Trump Train, whether it wanted to or not. 

    And the train could throw the bid straight off the tracks. 

    When Morocco launched its bid to upset the United 2026 bid few gave it any chance. Now, however, many people are starting to do the math and are getting very nervous. As much as the ExCo voting structure was a mess that gave us Qatar and Russia, it was a little more predictable. The new one country, one vote system is a bit of a mystery.

    That said, some math:

    United Bid -- 

    Nearly sure thing: CONCACAF 38 (Canada, USA, Mexico and Nicaragua) not eligible) votes, Western Europe 31, Oceania 14 + Japan and Australia = 84 votes

    Morocco -- 

    Nearly sure thing: Africa 55 votes (Morocco not eligible), Middle East 12, Central Asia 6 votes + North Korea  = 74 votes

    That leaves the rest of Asia (26 votes), South America (10 votes) and Eastern Europe (24 votes) as your decider. Can the United Bid find 20 votes from that 60? 


    Probably isn't that reassuring, especially since much of Canada's rebuilding plan on the men's side is dependent on getting this bid. And it's increasing becoming harder to argue that a Canada only bid would have been any worse off than tying ourselves to the political anchor that is the current state of US politics. 






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    • You'd need another 4 Centerbacks playing out of position for it to come close to Floro-ball. If the Mexican player is red-carded for the flagrant foul on Cavallini as last man back (he wasn't even given an yellow, ridiculously IMO), or if Davies puts away that chance to tie it up at 1-1 and then we bring on most of the big boys (minus Hoilett who didn't even play) would the same people come out and say that Herdman was a genius? I wouldn't but then I'm not saying that he was to blame for the loss either. Any time we play a team that over-matches us, we're going to have to take some kind of risk. As much as I might have liked the line-up we ended with to start, I can see what why Herdman did what he did and we weren't that far off, given most of the goals came from individual (rather than tactical) errors. Quite frankly I was impressed that Mr. Tedtalk Kumba-ya-my-lord Brotherhood coach was willing to stand up to a much higher and bigger profile (and I mean that in more ways than one) like that when they had their little spat and I bet the bench appreciated as well. Mind you, I also liked the Osorio "**** off" to the camera man who was trying to get in on the inner circle there. I would have liked to have seen one given to the officiating crew who seemed to call everything that was 50/50 Mexico's way, including even putting a nice pic on MAK when we were having a dangerous attack.
    • I think it's all about having the guts to play through them. We must learn to trust in our ability to pass through it. I think the boys would have realized they can do just that after our second half flurry.
    • this board is actually being surprisingly positive about this game.
    • ZBG was challenged in this match and it was good to see what his true level is. He's handled everything thrown at him for Montreal and Canada so far, but Mexico are just another class entirely and it forced him into errors. Still though, considering he's only at 20 years of age, he has his whole career in front of him, as does Davies and David as well. Each of them made mistakes at times, but each showed moments of quality against this Mexican side, which is absolutely top quality. Even ZBG settled into the game later in the second half, once the subs came on and there was a formation change. I think he looked more comfortable as a fullback than a wing back. Just one of many things Herdman learned tonight, I'm sure. Cavallini is an absolute beast not only physically, but mentally. There were times tonight where he beat his opponent using shear desire and a willingness not to give up.  Perhaps it may go unnoticed, but Cornelius quietly had a very good game. A few of his passes were intercepted, but his composure to play out of the back on numerous occasions really helped the team. I was impressed to see him do well with this level of play and it will do his confidence a world of good when he goes back to Vancouver.
    • Credit to Canada in the final 30 minutes.  Looked much better and very positive.  This is not even a regular group of Mexican players but they understand the system so well that anyone can slide in and fit in.  And we showed that we are not yet there.  We also lack defense clearly.  Personally I think we had players out of position and the lineup formation was wrong.  I also think we rested too many starters.  If anything rest Arfield, Osorio, David, Hoilett, Atiba etc. against Cuba and have them ready to go in the quarter finals.  
    • That was the first time in a while we played Mexico and I didn't walk away thinking it was all pointless. We knew the defense was a work in progress, some people we hoped would show up didn't dissapoint. I'll take that. Let's play'em again in the semis.
    • So much to say ...  I usually stay off threads in game cause I do enough telling at the TV.  1) 4-3-3 please going forward.  2) I hope the lack of CBs called doesn't come back to haunt us. Annoying Mexico scored the first goal towards end of 1st half with us having 10 men and Cornelius on the sidelines. 3) Big ask for ZBG and RT in that formation, it showed.  4) king 1010 to answer your question... I firmly believe both England and Belgium tried taking the L in the last World Cup for favorable matchup.... The Japanese women team in the Olympics also stands out.   *I think CRC would have "unintentionally" done what they had to do, to play us*....  Look at the positives now though... Costa Rica and Haiti are gonna play full tilt to make sure they win match day 3 and play us, let's punish them!  I'm happy with the effort the boys showed and excellent learning experience. In my eyes the result was to be expected, obviously wanted a results but a positive is  2 of the 3 goals conceded were quite unfortunate.    
    • I think what he did by bringing them on is show his own team that when they have more of their best lineup they can compete with Mexico.  It was a morale  booster aimed at playing Mexico again in semis. Anyway, thought this was a great learning experience for the team.  Mexico is a tough ******* team and they've been that way a long time.  Great positioning, runs off ball, ball-winning, and defensive recoveries.  Not sure what people were expecting.   On another night maybe we keep that game close and even nip a tie. We knew we had issues defensively and there were just enough miscues and moments of confusion to give Mexico the chances they needed.  But we held them and made things difficult for long stretches of first half with what I thought was an excellent gameplan to contain Mexico's midfield buildup. We go in to the half 0-0 and maybe its a different ballgame. Not sure why people seem to underestimate Mexico, but I felt better about us holding our own in this one than other games i've watched against Mexico. We still have a lot of chasing to do but think how long it took the US to beat them in something important.  I have a lot of hope going forward after this game.  You can see that a lot of the pieces are there, and there were some great spells of midfield buildup against a Mexican team that just defends solidly and harasses and makes things difficult.
    • The last 30 minutes being key. Ultimately what I and many others saw was that Herdman set up the team to lose. That play and that formation in the first half reminded me of Floroball.
    • When Hutchinson pushed up to midfield with Arfield, there was a rejuvenation and excitement that came immediately. That’s what I’m taking from this game. We have something here. It will come. 
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