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    • Quick question. Has Davies done enough to win the Lou Marsh award? He will likely win the u19 Bundesliga player of the year, be in the Bundesliga team of the year, win the league title, dfb Pokal, and possibly Champions league. It also helps having the Olympics canceled and every other major sport shortened, so there will be less contenders to choose from. David would probably be a candidate as well, but I feel like he isn't mainstream enough yet.
    • One thing not mentioned is if the proposed 25% cut is per game salary or the years salary. If your playing 11 games in a short season and not the full 28 game season you would expect not to be paid your full yearly salary. Troo-doh's wage subsidy goes till mid August only at the moment apparently.
    • You have to think that this year Mediapro check would cover the entire tournament if that's the case. 
    • So that's: each team plays every other once. Take that table and the top four, and play a round robin, three games in total. Then take the two best teams of those four, and they play a final. 11 games. I would take the bottom four and have them do a round robin as well, to decide 5th to 8th, like in FIBA basketball tournaments, other world championships. The idea is to play the game. Also, fans would watch their teams. Also: teams need games to gel, new players fit in, new coaches to work out things. Also, players would appreciate the play. Also: your field turf could handle it. Plus, it allows you to decide things like golden boot and best keeper for those 10 games all teams play. Having all teams play at least 10 means you all at least play over 35% of the league, instead of some playing only 25%.
    • Crepeau will probably be #1 by the time Gold Cup 2021 starts if not after that
    • Yeah I guess you're right but then again with other nations in the past they have taken older players (37 and over) to World Cups in their Final 23 
    • Obvious question would be if the money the federal government is pumping in on salaries counts towards that number? Even with the 25% "trim", total salaries for the season will be in excess of $4 million.  If a streamed game is 50k to broadcast at Onesoccer's production standards as the long since departed Matty told us at one point you can easily be looking at $1.5 million that way before you get into a reality TV show following all eight teams. The number looks credible.
    • Because random goobers from Twitter complaining about **** has become the gospel to a segment of our society  Take it from someone who hasn't stopped working and been out in person working with businesses in my community for the past 2 months. I've worked with people never, who have re opened, who are reopening and will be reopening  Here is the common denominator across the board. Consumer confidence is higher than expected, people's fear is lower than expected, peoples desire to act completely normal is higher than expected and people's perception of the situation is completely different than expected  Why because if you sit at home listening to goobers on social media and watching the news you quickly become completely disconnected from reality. And now for some reason we have to try and rationalize with these goobers who half the time are just a bunch Robert's anyways
    • As some one else put it, its just good PR if nothing else.  Getting the people involved tested, is a no brainer for venture thats going to be in the public eye and have a lot of scrutiny on it.   Maybe I'm just an old grouch, but why are certain people posting random goobers from twitter complaining about ****??  And then wanting to argue with us about it on here.  Argue it on twitter where the guy is posting....if I wanted to read idiots on twitter and reddit I would be there and not here.  If its pertinent info go ahead, but do we really need clutter our board with twitter crazies?
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