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  • TFC v Union preview - Busting the Union

    Duane Rollins

    Philadelphia Union (0-0-1) v TFC (0-0-1), Match Day 2

    TSN 4 – 4:30pm, Saturday

    CSN Away Viewing is upstairs at Pauper’s Pub (Bathurst and Bloor). Check the usual suspects (Wheat Sheaf, Shoeless Joe’s, etc.) for others or add your viewing in the comments.

    Last meeting: TFC won its first ever playoff game in rather convincing fashion to launch a magical run that lasted through to the end of November. I’m not sure what happened in December.

    Most famous game: In what was possibly Aron Winter’s darkest moment the exceptionally average Union put six – yes, SIX – goals by the Worst Team in the World to win 6-2 in front of a grumpy BMO Field back in 2012.

    Key Union player: Let’s go with Super Keeper Andre Blake, who is arguably the best shot stopper in all of MLS. Thankfully, TFC has not been robbed blind by a keeper standing on his head in almost three months.

    Former Red alert: With the man responsible for BMO Field’s lack of plastic, Mo Edu, still recovering from his broken leg the former Reds alert is Warren Creavalle. The utility player most famous in Toronto for the drunk guy two rows back of you insisting he’d be a better option at right-back has actually found some half-decent form for the Union.

    Key TFC player: Gotta be Seba, no? After yet another week of MLS’ tried and true defensive strategy of hack-a-little-Italian, the Atomic Ant will be looking to open his account in style this weekend.

    Home advantage: Meh. Unless you’re trying to park your car after sunset there isn’t much intimating about Chester’s best soccer stadium.   The weather on game day is going to be positively Canadian -- -4C expected at kick-off. No orange ball likely though.  

    What opposing fans are saying: REVENGE!!!!1!!!!1! They are also mostly calling for a tight game and possibly a draw. Yippee.

    TFC panic level (as expressed by the name of a former player): Danny Koevermans (He’s really good, but we’re scared it’s all going to go wrong at any moment)

    Our view: It says here that TFC gets its first three points of the year and Seba opens his account with a brace. 3-0 Reds.

    Edited by Duane Rollins


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    • Great to see the tickets sales. Doesn't surprise me at all. I think there will be a pretty big Mexican turnout. I've been told there is a pretty big Mexican and Central American community in Calgary.  Not sure about Edmonton. I dont get anxious by that like some seem to. I think it makes for a better atmosphere. Within reason of course. Well done Alberta 
    • I dont see that at all.  Or am i missing something?  A national federation want to play a friendly against another national federation’s team on third part soil.   Thats because its more profitable to play on third party soil or the risk of loss is lessened.   The third part agrees to it and presumably gets some sort of compensation (or rent) for this right as presumably the intl rules state that they are entitled to.  The national federation #1 and federatio #2 play the game and each gets a portion of the revenues.   The spectators who pay attend do so at their free will.   Both federations  play the game and get revenues if it is profitable.  The third party federation got their cut.  The game is played, the fans get a service in the form of entertainment.  That is if it is entertaining, if it isnt then thats the chnace you take when you play for any entertainment.   Where is the anticompetitive behavior here?  Who is being exploited here?   Is anybody being extorted? Is anybody putting a gun to anybody’s head to attend and or pay up?  The concacaf federations can play at home If they wanted to or of they dont argree on the rent.   Is anybody stealing money?  If yes, who being robbed?   Is someone breaking the law or even doing anything unethicaI?  dont see it.   Its just business….   PS.:  oh by the way.  The CSA may have done this in the past.   In the lead to WC 1994, i believe some matches were played on canadian soil not involving Canada. there have been intl matched played in canada not involving Canada in the last 10 years.   I think one was Portugal against someone else…. Cant recall.  My understanding is that some compensation went to the CSA from this. 
    • With the Grey Cup in Hamilton these 2 games are set to be the highest attended sporting events in Canada in 2021.
    • A lot of us who can't make these matches are so proud of everyone's response. Really awesome.  Even better: Mexico have already seemed to be bothered by the choice of venue, well journalists at least. The place and weather forecast. But what will they say when 60,000 are sitting in those conditions?  These conditions are tricky because the rival strategy will likely be to get something early then sit back. It'll get harder the deeper in. If it snows, more so. 
    • The last post in this thread, if no one locks it, will be about getting out of the group after the draw from Pot 3.
    • I knew we would show Toronto how it’s done!  
    • We got tickets at BMO for each home game.  We were in the most expensive section close to midfield, $75 but with surcharges came to over $90.  To me the price was irrelevant and frankly, the Panama game felt like I paid $90 for a game that had the value of $500 seats based on the result. I got 6 tickets for both games via the 2 game pack, section R, 20 rows up.  Great seats.  Everything came to $460 or something.  It breaks down to $32.25 a ticket.  That’s f’d.  I can’t wait.
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