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    • Ben Spencer played a grand total of 261 minutes (in 5 games) over two seasons with TFC. 82 of those minutes came in a pair of games last season when the team was knee-deep in CCL and putting B teams in MLS matches. He was rightly binned midway through 2018. https://www.mlssoccer.com/players/ben-spencer As for Jordan Hamilton, it's easy to share @AvroArrow's assessment that he tends to do better as a sub, but 6 of Hamilton's 10 MLS goals have come as a starter. I think the biggest thing working against Hamilton was the fact that TFC spends most of its money on attackers, and for 4 seasons the forward pairing of Giovinco and Altidore was always going to start if healthy/available. Hamilton doesn't seem to be able to play alongside Altidore as easily as a Ricketts or even Akinola, so even with Altidore out frequently it's still been a struggle for him to get into matches unless it was a situation like last week where TFC completely changed formation in order to salvage the game. In Hamilton's defence, he seems to have shed his tendency to coast and appears to be working a lot more with and without the ball now. He seems to have been humbled by his contract running out last season without an immediate renewal, so hopefully he can round himself into an even more integral part of the team. As I see it, he's TFC"s No. 2 striker, even though Akinola is a more natural fit beside Altidore (if TFC chose to play two up front).
    • And yet... World Cup wins for everyone listed above combined - 0 World Cup wins for Tomori - 1 Honestly, I don't really know a thing about anybody you listed, or Tomori either. But I think a guy who has already won a youth World Cup with the only country he remembers living in, might wait a few years to see if he can break through. But hey, I won't complain if he succumbs to Herdman's advances.
    • Westhill Stadiums Family Zone side bleachers going up today along with artificial grass on the pole side where the beer garden and VIP Fieldzone seating will be :  
    • Things happened to put Westhill's expansion behind schedule, which can happen. I remember when Clarke Stadiums expansion was a year behind schedule to install the big blue grandstand (and corner seating) because of a multitude of red tape re the stands and such. While it was put off the club had to play another year with only the decrepid 1300 seat concrete bleachers to use.   I'm happy that Langford came thru with giving Pacific FC a place to play otherwise there wouldn't likely be a CPL club on the Island. Its a bit unfortunate it won't be ready for opening day but the stadium is being done right, and will probably be the best sub 10k stadium in the country when the pole is moved and the final expansion on that side completes the stadium and brings it to 8K.    
    • My jersey arrived today! I was mentally prepared for it to not come before the inaugural game. Unfortunately it looks like it will be a chilly day so it will probably be buried underneath another layer or two.
    • I’m sure they do but as per the VPs quotes a few days ago they faced delays starting.  There’s been multiple comments about how there’s a seemingly low number of workers on site which I find odd. I don’t work in trades but how would a GC find more skilled workers for a few days? Who haven’t been involved in a project? It seems unlikely that there’s a pool of qualified workers out there sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. I suspect that the GC hired multiple firms to complete different areas of the job and those firms are running full capacity. They must have protections against the GC going out and hiring other firms to complete their work?
    • As of today, if healthy, he is the #1 (things can change though). With 3 games over 8 days + travel during the Gold Cup, having 2 inform RBs would be ideal.  Here is hoping Godinho finds his way back into the 18 w hearts before season's end.  
    • The post I was responding to was about Americans on the field vs. Canadians. Of the ones you named, only Delgado gets any real playing time, and he was integral to TFC's 2017 MLS Cup win (as was Zavaleta, but both have regressed since then).  As you said yourself, the league is set up for Americans. That includes how they are counted on team's rosters vs. other internationals. That naturally means that even on the Cdn MLS teams there will be a few Yanks on the squads, unless they want to go the MTL route and trade away assets for more international spots (which hasn't exactly proven to work for IMFC as of yet). The difference of philosophy seems to be born out of a desire to not want to burn assets on international spots, as well as the respective front offices' knowledge base. You can argue whether TFC have used their domestic (and international spots) effectively, but that's a different discussion. At the end of the day IMFC is only regularly starting Piette and TFC is only regularly starting Osorio, which should be the bigger focus here. I honestly couldn't care less whether our MLS clubs are developing Americans, Ugandans or Argentines as long as Canadians are still lagging behind where they should be.
    • I'm looking at the webcam too. Looks like they are moving forward, but still: don't you want to get it done before game day to actually test things out?
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