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    • Jonas subbed in on min. 86 in a 2-0 Euro U21 qualifying victory over Ukraine. A few days later he remained on the bench vs. Northern Ireland. https://www.transfermarkt.us/spielbericht/index/spielbericht/3168059
    • People can blame TSN and Sportsnet for not showing highlights if they want, but I don't think they can let the CPL off the hook here.  The CPL chose the money option with mediapro/onesoccer.  We all knew that this was a likely outcome, and if you didn't then you were incredibly naive.  It's not unprecedented.  The NHL chose the Outdoor Network (and then NBC Sports) after their lockout, and as a consequence ESPN stopped showing anything.
    • You're right, but I think it's more likely to go the other way.  That the price will go up next year, now that onesoccer realizes how low their subscription base is.  They and mediapro have to recoup their money some how.
    • Same, or a comparable league.
    • I think his ceiling is CPL. Just saying.
    • I did a double take on Seedorf and wonder, wow he must really take care of himself. 
    • I never...EVER thought about what percentage of tickets sales were freebies, or would have ever dreamed of searching ticket master to try count blue dots and prove/disprove a teams announced attendance. Let alone do that after almost every game all season.   The almost constant narrative that started IMMEDIATELY after launch, that certain teams were in trouble, the league isnt doing as well as everyone here thinks and the fact finding missions to go and try and prove it, for some sort of NAH NAH NAH, I"m smarter you than you ego trip, is what really makes me wonder.  I cant believe this lasted the entire season.  
    • Someone has to explain this to me because I'm not getting it.  Aside from Forge, who dropped points to LAST PLACE Wanderers this weekend, and Cavalry who haven't really played a lot of home matches no other team's home record this Fall Season is especially shouting out "home field advanatage".  And you'd think in this league, things being what they are, that it should. Pacific and Wanderers are on the very edges of civilization.  I mean seriously, if you went much further left or right you'd fall right off Turtle Island so there has to be some sort of travel advantage just built into their buildings because of geography.  Add the atmosphere at Wanderers Grounds and the city's reputation as being ummm...a rather fun place to visit and you'd expect safe money would have Halifax as a fortress for the CPL side.  But no.  It's not bad but geez, has to be better.   York Lions is a mini field and grass surface to-boot.  A-gin, they're 500 at home but why?  IT'S A MINI FIELD NO ONE ELSE PRACTICES OR PLAYS ON. OWN IT. Spruce Meadows has the grass, pretty rare in this league.  Oh, and Cavalry play there so all good.  Good little park in Edmonton.  Maybe hurt by the fast plastic that some of the other teams are accustomed to I'd guess.  Could say the same for Tim Horton but Tim Horton isn't a stadium you want to visit and are unlikely to bring points out of  (Forge 2 Wanderers 2, cough, cough). Not even going to mention IG Field.  Actually, yes I well.  With two words.  GAWD DAMNIT.    Now IG Field and Wanderers Grounds may be suffering from the same symptom.  That is to say the buildings energy works as much for the visitors as it does for the home side.  But still, I don't know. Scheduling?  Small sample size with Forge & Cavalry running the Fall Season?  Lack of goal scoring?  Don't know, but I expected to see way more of a home field advantage within this league to be sure.           
    • With Bustos, I wonder if his extreme one-footedness would be even more of a liability in a league with better defenders. It has already cost him a few goals this year and renders him less effective in many situations.
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