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  • 3 Points For a Win-NYCFC vs IMFC March 18th 2017 2pm E

    Kevin Laramee

    Every Friday, I will give my keys to victory for the Montreal Impact, in 3 points!


    Point 1 Backline Discipline

    The Montreal Impact defense have already racked up 4 yellow cards in the first 2 games, particularly early in the first halves ( Camara, Duvall and Ciman). On top of exposing your team to the risk of having a player sent off, those early yellows affect the way the player on notice approaches his tackle opportunities. On a very small pitch like the one at Yankees Stadium, the fraction of a second loss to hesitation from the defender on notice can prove quite costly and before you know it, you find yourself defending David Villa in the box . You add the Laurent Ciman 76' foul in the box against Seattle and you have a situation where after 2 games, 3 precious points were lost due to the lack of discipline by the Montreal Impact defense. For a positive result this Saturday in the Big Apple, patience and discipline are the directives for Montreal's backline.


    Point 2 Possession and Transition in the Midfield

    Last week, the midfield executed very well the game plan of having the ball and transitioning it successfully higher up the pitch, creating breakthroughs in Seattle's defense. The passing accuracy of the three defensive midfielders (Bernier 84.6% Donadel 91.1% Bernardello 93.6%) was quite impressive and quite an improvement from week 1. This is even more important in an environment like Yankees Stadium, where the edge of the box and the midfield line are not that far apart. If the defensive midfield trio of Montreal is able to replicate the passing accuracy performances of last week you will see a Montreal ball possession transition more efficiently from midfield to the last third of the field, thus creating more theoretical goal scoring chances for Piatti, Mancosu and Co.


    Point 3 Beware of Villa-Moralez-Wallace

    If it's not one of them, it's all three. The prolific trio that led to four goals versus DC United last week, is the main goal scoring threat for NYCFC. If you can eliminate the threat on New York's left side of the attack by suffocating the service to it, you give yourself a better path to victory. Which brings us again to the battle in the midfield. If Montreal is able to stop NYCFC's transition at the Mattarita and Pirlo level, they might have a shot at suffocating the service to their favored offensive threat. Easier said then done.


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    • Ya, I agree with Duke, he does seem more polished at this point in time.  Gawd, this means I gotta listen to Marinaro again, pfft.....
    • Sean Rea released by CF Montreal.  Hope he lands at a higher level than the CanPL, but at the same time hoping he returns to Valour.
    • Not surprised but was hoping the exit of Losada would see him stay. I think his best path forward is probably another MLS team, unless he goes to Europe at a lower level, like Sweden or Norway, somewhere like that. But after missing out so much last year, I don't think he even gets a move like that, despite his potential. Nelson (same age) moved to Norway off the back of playing 31 MLS matches, so maybe he would have to accept a much lower level/club if he wanted to move to Europe. Conversely, he could sign elsewhere in MLS at a place where he could develop. He's good technically and is young and has an offensive slant to his game, so players like that are probably going to get a chance in the league as a substitute. If he can go to a Dallas (just throwing out an example), who knows how he could develop? 
    • Pretty surprised at that TBH.  He has generally been a solid option when he gets playing time and has had a few game-breaking moments.  I haven't done enough research to know what the value proposition when he salary was factored in but I certainly never saw him as a liability.  I really hope he lands at a solid club where he can continue getting good minutes in a competitive environment. 
    • Wow, the ZBG one is just as shocking as Rea and Assi.  Unless that's what ZBG wanted, either way, I'm not worried about ZBG, if anything he'll do better elsewhere.
    • I wonder if it’s a case where Montreal told him that they’re going to prioritize Bryce Duke as a focal point of their offense so they can maximize his value and ship him off to Europe, so realistically, there won’t be many minutes for him next year, so better to have him find a team that can give him minjtes. On the other hand, Montreal is very savvy with intra-MLS trades, so you’d think they’d try to get some sort of value out of him, so it’s weird overall to me.    Can’t wait to hear what Tony Marinaro has to say about this. 
    • USL is a better level. If he wants to make it to Europe, it’s also a better option than CPL. I also think that since he’s done all he can in CPL, going right back would be a step backwards. I do think he has a place in MLS too. I think some Série B team was looking at him last year too? 
    • Interesting. I'd personally like to see him back in Europe. I always rated him. He's had a good run in MLS and played over 100 matches for Montreal, but it felt like it should have been more and too often I felt they used him as an offensive wingback supersub. I'd actually like to see him played more as a conventional right back, not someone expected to always bomb forward. Montreal seemed keen to bring out the offensive side of his game, which I can hardly complain about, but he then seemed to get branded as a player who makes mistakes and is not defensively sound. That's not who he was when he joined MLS IMO. I think he's a much more rounded player than people give him credit for. So yeah, I want to see what he can do in Europe, maybe Ligue 2 or Ligue 1 or possibly Belgium. 
    • I didn't see this one coming, I assumed CFM sided with the players and were trying to fix the mistakes by getting rid of Losada.  Perhaps the damage was too great for the different sides to get over it.
    • Why would he go to USL if he’s too good for CPL? At least in CPL he could play champions league.
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