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  • 3 Points For a Win-NYCFC vs IMFC March 18th 2017 2pm E

    Kevin Laramee

    Every Friday, I will give my keys to victory for the Montreal Impact, in 3 points!


    Point 1 Backline Discipline

    The Montreal Impact defense have already racked up 4 yellow cards in the first 2 games, particularly early in the first halves ( Camara, Duvall and Ciman). On top of exposing your team to the risk of having a player sent off, those early yellows affect the way the player on notice approaches his tackle opportunities. On a very small pitch like the one at Yankees Stadium, the fraction of a second loss to hesitation from the defender on notice can prove quite costly and before you know it, you find yourself defending David Villa in the box . You add the Laurent Ciman 76' foul in the box against Seattle and you have a situation where after 2 games, 3 precious points were lost due to the lack of discipline by the Montreal Impact defense. For a positive result this Saturday in the Big Apple, patience and discipline are the directives for Montreal's backline.


    Point 2 Possession and Transition in the Midfield

    Last week, the midfield executed very well the game plan of having the ball and transitioning it successfully higher up the pitch, creating breakthroughs in Seattle's defense. The passing accuracy of the three defensive midfielders (Bernier 84.6% Donadel 91.1% Bernardello 93.6%) was quite impressive and quite an improvement from week 1. This is even more important in an environment like Yankees Stadium, where the edge of the box and the midfield line are not that far apart. If the defensive midfield trio of Montreal is able to replicate the passing accuracy performances of last week you will see a Montreal ball possession transition more efficiently from midfield to the last third of the field, thus creating more theoretical goal scoring chances for Piatti, Mancosu and Co.


    Point 3 Beware of Villa-Moralez-Wallace

    If it's not one of them, it's all three. The prolific trio that led to four goals versus DC United last week, is the main goal scoring threat for NYCFC. If you can eliminate the threat on New York's left side of the attack by suffocating the service to it, you give yourself a better path to victory. Which brings us again to the battle in the midfield. If Montreal is able to stop NYCFC's transition at the Mattarita and Pirlo level, they might have a shot at suffocating the service to their favored offensive threat. Easier said then done.


    You can follow Kevin Laramee on Twitter @KevLaramee

    Off the Woodworkx, a podcast about the Montreal Impact available on ITunes 




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    • Thanks for the details on PLSQ, so what exactly is the relationship?  Anyways, we cannot make after the fact assumptions about L1BC. Now it is all painted in the light of CSB and what you say about the CPL inspiring names, but the history is not that precisely. BC Soccer had already tried to set it up in the mid 2010s, then announced in 2019, when CPL was just starting and when the CSB was as well, that they would work towards 2021. The bidding process was slow, there was vetting, they approved clubs and announced them in fall 2021. The branding is even later than that, and it seems there is a CPL inspiration in terms of names, but it is not exactly that. 3 of the starting 7 retain their former names (Victoria Highlanders, Whitecaps, TSS Rovers), three are university affiliates that take names related to their respective universities (Varsity, Unity which is Trinity Western--not going to explain Trinitarian theology here--and Rivers, which is directly from a university named Thompson Rivers, current U-Sports national champs). None of those names are gratuitous, and then there is Altitude in North Vancouver, which echoes the name of the HP club Mountain United FC, formerly Vancouver now Burnaby. Of those 7, only Altitude really is using the CPL model. For next year, Harbourside in Nanaimo looks to be doing something similar. Still, there are other major differences in L1BC that prove it does not follow a strict L1O or PLSQ model, namely so many teams being essentially spring leagues for universities. Then the Highlanders play at U Victoria though I understand they are not affiliated, and Harbourside does not seem to be directly related to Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, but in both latter cases, there will likely be crossover in roster.  I am just point this out to suggest they started in their own point, along their own trajectory, and have converged, but it is an error to say CSB or even CPL are driving forces for what we see at L1BC. It is more a parallel and then a posteriori convergence of models.
    • Well, it's still pretty vague and I'd say the heavy lifting was probably done by BC Soccer. I don't know if I'd say CSB forced them in to having a women's league either. But yeah, there was at least some involvement from CSB in some capacity.
    • Good sign.  ZBG wore the armband for Lyon B early in his career, and later on he has turned out to be a decent player for Canada, one capable of coming into the national team and doing a job. If Colyn can do something similar at some point this cycle, it will be good for us. Obviously though, he'll have to graduate from the Jong PSV before such a thing. 
    • He doesn’t start half of those appearances so 2 goals and 4 assists is actually quite strong. his advanced stats have him at an outstanding 0.87 npXG + XA per 90 minutes - almost double of what Tajon managed in MLS.  I don’t see the relevance of Raphinha comparison at all 
    • Will be watching this very closely  
    • I don't know if he has been named the permanent captain of Jong PSV, but he has certainly been wearing the armband the last couple games. However, he was not included in the senior training while quite a few other u21s were.
    • Sponsorship would help some of that, but as with any start up, the financials are grim.  Just common sense says they prob would have similar salaries to the CPL at a best case scenario which I dont think is up to 40k average yet.  But the other big thing is the TV deal.  If you listen to the vulture and this is a big thumb in the eye to CPL/CSB, then it prob wont be Onesoccer/Mediapro.  
    • CSB doesn't own PLSQ - yet but the league is already under League 1 Canada. They will rebrand to be aligned with the "League 1" branding. I think that eventually, CSB ends up buying it which takes the financial costs of operating them off the hands of provincial bodies.   As I mentioned above, CSB worked with BC Soccer to help with the launch. The branding is one of the most noticeable similarities between CPL and BCL1 with clubs like "Altitude" and they were mentioned in BC Soccer documents prior to the launch
    • As @Obinna says, a test event is to test venues and organisation. Would they do a Gold Cup in 2025 with all grass installed in stadiums? Because he specifically said that maybe so many friendlies was not as important for a National Team as the quality of the clubs the players were in.  Anyways, the Qatar friendly-frenzy formula is obviously not a strong one. You need to play a dozen to 15 competitive matches, or tough friendlies, in the year and a bit before the WC, to be sharp.
    • aiming for attendance of 500-1000 in the first year and wanting similar salaries to nwsl which will be around 40k in 2025..I want this to work but it doesnt add up..in other words you are looking for owners who are trying to lose 10M in the first year..nwsl attendance of lowest attended team this year was around 4300..gotta aim for higher attendance this was a rushed outing by matheson..sit down, study more and contact more people, get things right and then come back
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