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  • 3 Points For a Win-NYCFC vs IMFC March 18th 2017 2pm E

    Kevin Laramee

    Every Friday, I will give my keys to victory for the Montreal Impact, in 3 points!


    Point 1 Backline Discipline

    The Montreal Impact defense have already racked up 4 yellow cards in the first 2 games, particularly early in the first halves ( Camara, Duvall and Ciman). On top of exposing your team to the risk of having a player sent off, those early yellows affect the way the player on notice approaches his tackle opportunities. On a very small pitch like the one at Yankees Stadium, the fraction of a second loss to hesitation from the defender on notice can prove quite costly and before you know it, you find yourself defending David Villa in the box . You add the Laurent Ciman 76' foul in the box against Seattle and you have a situation where after 2 games, 3 precious points were lost due to the lack of discipline by the Montreal Impact defense. For a positive result this Saturday in the Big Apple, patience and discipline are the directives for Montreal's backline.


    Point 2 Possession and Transition in the Midfield

    Last week, the midfield executed very well the game plan of having the ball and transitioning it successfully higher up the pitch, creating breakthroughs in Seattle's defense. The passing accuracy of the three defensive midfielders (Bernier 84.6% Donadel 91.1% Bernardello 93.6%) was quite impressive and quite an improvement from week 1. This is even more important in an environment like Yankees Stadium, where the edge of the box and the midfield line are not that far apart. If the defensive midfield trio of Montreal is able to replicate the passing accuracy performances of last week you will see a Montreal ball possession transition more efficiently from midfield to the last third of the field, thus creating more theoretical goal scoring chances for Piatti, Mancosu and Co.


    Point 3 Beware of Villa-Moralez-Wallace

    If it's not one of them, it's all three. The prolific trio that led to four goals versus DC United last week, is the main goal scoring threat for NYCFC. If you can eliminate the threat on New York's left side of the attack by suffocating the service to it, you give yourself a better path to victory. Which brings us again to the battle in the midfield. If Montreal is able to stop NYCFC's transition at the Mattarita and Pirlo level, they might have a shot at suffocating the service to their favored offensive threat. Easier said then done.


    You can follow Kevin Laramee on Twitter @KevLaramee

    Off the Woodworkx, a podcast about the Montreal Impact available on ITunes 



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    • Nope, that is dope. Been to the Yukon though, worked out of Ross River.
    • I bet you haven't done it by driving through Labrador and the North West Territories.
    • Bump, keeping voting you sods.
    • How many here have gone coast to coast by land? I have. English Bay to Saint John's Harbour. A lot of opinions from folks who have not seen their own country (not saying you @Kent but still telling)
    • About this, some of the comments are not accurate.  First, signing bonuses vary. The highest will always go to a player who holds out to the end of a contract, without renewing, and then goes on a free transfer. Major signing bonus, not as a percentage of course, but both in salary incentives and even higher base salary, and in bonus. Logically.  Then there is no standard signing bonus, this % business is random. You can't say 10% is standard, as it depends on the deal. And what the player negotiates. And who else is bidding. We have not heard of rival offers, though I would imagine they do exist, otherwise Gent would not have argued for more. If a players chooses a new team over another making a similar offer, that is a primary source of a signing bonus. It rewards the gesture in favour of one club over another. Also if a player in a situation like David's refuses to go to a certain club outright (which being under contract he has the right to do, say he refuses to go to Qatar for 35 million), the club he ends up at should reward that even more, and especially if it is clear the offer was lower than the rival offer. As David has not held out until contract's end, and has not pushed Lille clearly over a rival bid, the main sources of bonuses are not available to him.  That said, his statement in favour of Lille, and pressuring Gent, could warrant a bonus, but lesser than in the two scenarios described above.
    • Okay apart from the chiding, I think that Bayern has the edge. They are a better block, more intensely coached, and have pieces that are hard to control. Barça has never won Champions without dominating in the league, we are fragile in that sense: we don't know how to screw up on one important thing and save a season with another. Apart from that, our board is a disaster (undermining player mentality or plain shopping out players we could use), Setien is nowhere near what we thought he might be, and our team is getting old. There are days you want to chuck all of Pique, Busquets and Suarez onto the dung heap. Even Messi is in decline, odd thing to say if you watched his match today, incredible. Then the young lights are not allowed to shine, like De Jong.  Barça will have to raise its game a lot. If we have possession, which we are not doing effectively, we may get to hold down Bayern scoring chances. The Bayern back line can break if pushed, and IMO Neuer is far inferior to Ter Stegen. But we have to push them down the middle. Meaning I don't actually think Alphonso will be marking anyone, Messi will start false from that side, he'll probably see Semedo much more who is a fine marker and quite fast himself, though does not push much into attack. I sort of suspect Davies won't be a factor as he will have to watch Messi regardless, which will neutralise him. But as I say, I think that Bayern has to be slight favourite, because Barça is simply not sharp, and Bayern are quite sharp overall.
    • Because Bayern has been Canada's team ever since our values were first embodied there by Owen **********? Davies is just the continuity, I get it. [Hilarious that some mod made Owen's surname a swear word on this site, only good thing the mods have ever done]
    • Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought In-Beom was in the young DP category, so his cap hit would be notably lower (by about $400 K) than that of a garden variety DP. As for In-Beom's possible replacement, I find it interesting that MDS had implied at times during this MiB that 4-4-2 was his preferred base formation, yet his personnel features players better suited to 4-3-3.  I mean, if he wants to continue with Adnan at left mid in 4-4-2, that leaves the squad top heavy with forward/winger types not necessarily suited for flank midfield duty.  Maybe he feels that he'd rather go with starting two of Owusu, Teibert, Bikel, or Rose instead of having to start three of them and then call upon his not-ready-Academy grads as regular replacements.  If they bring in a forward as a DP/young DP/TAM player to complement Cavallini, what does that say about the incumbents in that area of the field?  Will someone else in that pool be moving, too?
    • Do you know what type of a role he plays in the midfield? I thought he was playing as a #10 in his first loan stint in the lower divisions. He was scoring about once every four games but he hasn't scored much the last two seasons. I was wondering if he's playing more of a defensive role now?
    • Yes you are correct.
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