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    3 Points For a Win-Montreal vs Seattle Edition

    Kevin Laramee

    Every Friday, I will give my keys to victory for the Montreal Impact, in 3 points!


    Point 1 The Cohesion in the Midfield

    Montreal had all sorts of trouble in the midfield last week. Congestion, led to confusion that led to loss of possession, this really was noticeable when Montreal was trying to transition the ball forward. Smaller, higher pourcentages passes  are key for the Impact to generate quality opportunity to feed their best attacking options, Piatti and Mancosu, which were left on an island last week.

    Point 2 Oyongo and Piatti

    The combination of Ambroise Oyongo and Nacho Piatti on the left side of the field for the Bleu-Blanc-Noir  can be deadly. When Oyongo is able to use the space in front of him with the ball at his feet, he creates time and space for Piatti to be an offensive threat or even a goal scoring chance for himself. This is imperative for Montreal to get by the defending MLS Cup Champions.


    Point 3 Beware of Clint Dempsey

    Clint is back, healthy and HUNGRY! Even though they lost their season opener, Clint has found the back of the net already this season and in his favorite fashion, poacher style. For the Montreal Impact to emerge victorious Saturday night at the Stade Olympique, they will have to be mindful of Dempsey's presence close to goal AT ALL TIMES AND FOR 90 MINUTES!


    You can follow Kevin Laramee on twitter @KevLaramee


    Off the Woodworkx, a podcast about the Montreal Impact available here  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/off-woodworkx-sports-podcasting/id1067439813?mt=2

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    • I was thinking more along the lines of simply getting them back to playing games and scoring goals. Cavallini in particular is an important player and with his MLS move it has been a while since he's had a run of competitive games. There is still some time before world cup qualifying begins, but 2021 will be here before you know it. It would be nice for him to start getting into a groove sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I am very happy for some of his minutes to go to young Canadians who probably need it more, such as Bair (and the Raposos)
    • A lot of those guys are unattached or retired/stop playing. The loan list looks about right. Morgan is probably on his last MLS contract.
    • Spot on. @BearcatSA For all the reasons you stated is why he would be perfect for a CPL team (Pacific to be specific) at the end of his contract next year. The journeyman experience are key stories to tell...you want to make it “be better than me”, here’s what it takes. You’re so right, much respect to guys like Ledgerwood, and De Jong.
    • From what I've seen, I think he can excel in both roles. He's a big body, but not shy on athleticism or work rate. He's also got decent skill on the ball. He's got all the tools, he just needs the opportunity to put them to meaningful use. When the opportunity comes, it'll be up to him to grab on to it. 
    • It’s a great opportunity for him to perform. Do you see him as the man that plays up front regardless of the circumstances, or do you think he’s better suited for the wing?     
    • I love seeing active threads, even if I don’t contribute to a specific one - I’ll read and follow. However when a thread is filled with posts that aren’t related to topic or with posts from uncredible sources, it becomes tiresome to see/follow.  So while I’ll agree that actual news is great. The parrot was only repeating(reposting) things that are related to thread topic.  Blame onesoccer for their tweets lol.
    • If MLS doesn't come back, and I can't imagine it will, missing 3 matches in the heart of Covid country won't have set back Lucas any more than any of the other players in MLS.
    • In Cavallini’s case this might be the end of his season considering how MLS won’t be coming back this season after the covid cup, not with the shitshow in the states continuing. I wonder how these guys are gonna get playtime in 2020? Hopefully some more CPL loans but I doubt it. At least our top guys are getting playtime in Europe. 
    • Being a total football fan of all thing’s Canadian. Having IPTV and a OneSoccer subscription is the greatest thing ever! I’m able to literally watch every and any match in the world. 
    • Sure...put a bunch of kids into danger in a tournament that most MLS fans don't give a crap about because they shouldn't be playing it at all.  Any player who boycotts this fiasco has my support.  
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