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  • 3 Points For a Win-Montreal vs Seattle Edition

    Kevin Laramee

    Every Friday, I will give my keys to victory for the Montreal Impact, in 3 points!


    Point 1 The Cohesion in the Midfield

    Montreal had all sorts of trouble in the midfield last week. Congestion, led to confusion that led to loss of possession, this really was noticeable when Montreal was trying to transition the ball forward. Smaller, higher pourcentages passes  are key for the Impact to generate quality opportunity to feed their best attacking options, Piatti and Mancosu, which were left on an island last week.

    Point 2 Oyongo and Piatti

    The combination of Ambroise Oyongo and Nacho Piatti on the left side of the field for the Bleu-Blanc-Noir  can be deadly. When Oyongo is able to use the space in front of him with the ball at his feet, he creates time and space for Piatti to be an offensive threat or even a goal scoring chance for himself. This is imperative for Montreal to get by the defending MLS Cup Champions.


    Point 3 Beware of Clint Dempsey

    Clint is back, healthy and HUNGRY! Even though they lost their season opener, Clint has found the back of the net already this season and in his favorite fashion, poacher style. For the Montreal Impact to emerge victorious Saturday night at the Stade Olympique, they will have to be mindful of Dempsey's presence close to goal AT ALL TIMES AND FOR 90 MINUTES!


    You can follow Kevin Laramee on twitter @KevLaramee


    Off the Woodworkx, a podcast about the Montreal Impact available here  https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/off-woodworkx-sports-podcasting/id1067439813?mt=2


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    • I think he's gone. Testing the waters for a Koleosho makes sense. He's young, in demand, and has multiple good choices. Halbouni is not that. Given Halbouni's age, level of play, and stature on his club team, this seems like a recognition that Syria is the best way to progress his career and most likely way he's going to play in a World Cup. His path into the Canadian team isn't clear and involves a lot of waiting that could burn a few years of viable international soccer while Syria is willing to call him while playing at a level that Canada will not. And turning his back on Syria is a bad look.
    • It’s also just dumb.  It’s Piette.  Is it really harder to type his name than the alternative? 
    • I also note the wording - “childhood dream of playing football at an international level”.  It is a pretty conspicuous absence to not mention the country of that is a specific part of the dream.  Most guys would say how they dreamed of representing Syria - if that in fact was the dream.  The way he said it makes me think he was really just being pragmatic about his international options at this harsh elf his career.    All that aside, I definitely hope for a full and speedy recovery.   
    • To me the term is just reducing the person down to an invisible characteristic.  In this case, he could have called him by name, number, hair length, but instead went with the invisible identifier: The other day the muslim and Eustaquio The other day the jew and Eustaquio The other day the schizophrenic and Eustaquio The word itself isn't loaded like some other offensive words, but using it how he did brings negative energy. And on this message board given that we're all (expectedly) supporting Canada, this was not like it being thrown around amongst friends.  Whereas it might not be offensive in casual conversation amongst friends, the intention here was to single out Piette as different, and did not seem benign to me when I read it.  If he knew enough that Piette was from Quebec, then he knew what number he was.  It is embarassing that @JAVIERF would stoop to this level.  Also, Samuel Piette is not French, so the Frenchie moniker is derisive.  Perhaps he identifies as Quebecois, or French-Canadian, but he is playing for Canada! Anyhow, that's my feeling.  I didn't like it one bit.  Lots of worse things to say for sure, but we're better than this.   At least that's what I think from BC.
    • Result and details of the Sat Sep 24/22 MLSNEXT Pro playoff game between Toronto FC II and Philadelphia Union II played at BMO Field. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports22/22tfc267.htm  
    • Interesting but don’t really agree with many of the %’s. Only Qatar, Ghana and Australia have worst % chance to get out of the group then us. Moreover, Costa Rica has a significantly higher % then us in there group and I would say the 3 sides in that group are equal or better than the 3 other sides in our group. Plus giving Qatar 0% is harsh as while I think they are mediocre, they are playing at home and the 3 sides in their group are the weakest by far compared to the others 
    • Result and details of the Sat Sep 24/22 MLSNEXT Pro playoff game between Toronto FC II and Philadelphia Union II played at BMO Field. http://www.rocketrobinsoccerintoronto.com/reports22/22tfc267.htm
    • Just curious, but is this considered derogatory or offensive, or is it merely annoying to you? I haven't heard anyone say "Frenchie" in a long time, and I assumed it was just outdated label, or perhaps just used older generations of people, but now I am wondering if maybe it's considered politically incorrect, or something. Is that the case? Cheers
    • On Belgium, I think we should play as Wales did in the second half with a 4-5-1. I think that would gum up there attack and expose their creaky defence more.  Honestly, Croatia scares me more as I am not sure what we do to stop them. For Belgium, I would play David Davies Eustaquio Osorio Piette/Kone Buchanan  Adekugbe Miller Vitoria Johnsto That would be solid defensively, with Eustaquio and Piette able to play the ball over the top or to Osorio who can play it out wide. And that would allow the combo of Davies David and Buchanan to shread them on the counter.    you could bring on Larin, Laryea, Kone or Piette, Hoilet or Millar as subs if needed 
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