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    • For sure, great point, @Stouffvillain. Definitely been appreciating this thread, it's been a great discussion of the club with lots of highly knowledgeable fans, thanks to you all. 
    • We've talked about having an out of window camp in May.
    • I agree with with most of your points but there is no May window.  El Salvador for whatever reason looks like they are going to play some games. We may have take some big risks in June and maybe we are saving money for that.   All games are really must win unless they are against high-ranked sides outside the window (which really would be a waste, in the end.)  A messed-up format and some key losses means there really are not friendlies for us these days.
    • Porter is a steady-eddy, we've talked about him before, and last year was no exception in my eyes.  I thought he was never really spectacular but he was not horrible either.  He's never been a goal scorer but I think people looked to him for more offensively last year because Adjei wasn't what we expected.   Last year there wasn't the quality of depth in the squad.  Guys like Zambazis and Cox disappeared, Estevez got hurt, Rollocks and Ricci didn't really push those ahead of him so we saw a lot of the same lineup.   Looking at the squad this year there is a lot of opportunity to put different lineups and formations together.   It's a soccer message board, opinion and discussion is what it's about.  Share your opinions!  The 2020 Y9 thread has been much better this season than last because we're putting our opinions out there. 
    • Literally all of this is wrong lol. We're definitely not in "MUST WIN" territory. We still have the May and June windows to pick up points. If we're anywhere close to El Salvador, the CSA will play friendlies in June, no matter the cost. The California games were on neutral ground, so they didn't cost much and despite the loss to Iceland, I think everyone would agree they were worth it. It would be nice, but no the March 31st game doesn't need to be opened up to the public.
    • My argument is that they play more matches and have greater fixture congestion worries. Especially the team that is in the CCL. We can't lie to ourselves that there is not a league hierarchy. We also don't want the better teams pummeling the lower league teams all the time. How many other nations use a coefficient system to seed their domestic Cup? My guess is barely any. Most nations seed based on the previous domestic season, with provisions for teams involved in Continental Cups.
    • The "glorified Championship team" is a bit off I think. And this actually goes back why David being in a bigger league is not automatically a good thing, in my opinion. (It has to be the right situation in a bigger league)  You have Premier League 6/7 teams that are Europe regulars and can realistically try to sign almost any player.  Sometimes one slips out of that top bracket and sometimes a lower team builds something for a year or even a few but since Chelsea and Man City got their cash injections, it will basically reset.  Everton, West Ham, Southampton, Swansea, Burnley, Leicester (then and now)off the top of my head.  All had much better years (to varying degrees, of course) at one point in the last 15 years.  They have also been in and around Newcastle more often than not.  That means you have well over half the teams in the richest league in world that are somehow not Premiership teams? That is most of the Premier League, if we are honest, and those are teams that David would be playing against the majority of the time with, if he played, especially without Europe.  It is similar situation and often much more extreme in other leagues.  ( I would not like him to do a Vincent Janssen , for instance.) Back to the post specifically, Newcastle have a long history, big stadium and huge loyal supporter base.  They have been hamstrung (like my club) by poor owners and poor transfers in the era of big TV money, but they are a top flight team by almost any definition.  But maybe lifelong supporters of clubs like that need to stick together and I am biased. 
    • I think you will find a lot of people here do not accept the 3 MLS clubs getting a bye ahead of other CPL teams and I think they have an argument. If your argument is that MLS clubs are better and should start later then they will be awarded by being better in the competition and getting better starting positions.
    • Meh.  I was disappointed actually.  I was excited when he came on, thinking "here's his chance!", and he really did nothing with it.  Showed no energy really (a poster in another thread actually partially blamed him for both goals) while Urruti, who had been on the field for an hour,  ran his ass off.  Ballou did make one good turn and set up Bojan at the top of the box, but he took too many touches and frittered the chance away.  
    • I was disappointed with his defensive effort. For a substitute, I expected more energy and hustle closing down space, getting in peoples faces, etc. I know it's hot and it's pre-season for the Impact, but he came on around the 70th minute and he's a young man. On the game tying goal, he was ball watching. Give and go on his side and instead of being sharp and focused, he hesitated for a split second and didn't track his man. That extra moment gave the Saprissa player space to play the cross into the box, which was converted. The good was later in the game, after the tying goal, someone plays the ball to him near the top center part of the box, Piette I think it was. He simply let's the ball run and cleverly turns, fooling a few Saprissa players. With that space he created, he was able to pass it to Bojan, who kind of makes a mess of it on his first touch and the chance is gone. Had the Spaniard hit it first time it would have been a shot on goal. Bojan worked hard all game though, so I can forgive that. Overall, I was disappointed with Tabla, but that moment of awareness and creativity he displayed is special. It is why I like him centrally and his work rate is going to have to improve on the defensive end if he is going to be a winger. Still not convinced that is his best position.
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