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  • Hamilton and Winnipeg big losers in 2026 bid

    Duane Rollins

    It’s a bad day to be a soccer fan in Winnipeg or Hamilton. Ironically, the first two cities to commit to being part of the Canadian Premier League were the two notable cities not included on the list of cities Canada has approached to apply to be a host city in the 2026 World Cup.

    Obviously, this will be a moot point if Morocco somehow takes the bid away from the hugely favourite United North America bid, but few think that will happen. So, it’s basically the end of any dream that either city will ever host a World Cup.

    It’s a double blow for Hamilton in that they were also left off the Women’s World Cup rotation in 2015. It’s a shame because the city was a wonderful host to the Pan Am tournament and a women’s pre-tournament friendly between England and Canada.

    It’s a bit baffling, actually. Tim Horton’s Field is only 24,000, sure, but it can be expanded to 40,000 (and possibly even more for a major event like a World Cup). Since it seems unlikely that the CSA is springing this on these cities blindly, it could be that the City of Hamilton turned down the chance to bid. In fact, that's the noise that many are suggesting -- that Hamilton turned down the chance to bid. That seems short-sighted, but I’m not a Hamilton rate payer.

    Much of what was written about Hamilton can be extended to Winnipeg. Two new stadiums in cities that don’t traditionally get looked at to host major events….surprising, to say the least. And, once again, it appears that Winnipeg came to the conclusion on their own. 

    There weren’t a lot of shocks among the cities included. Both Toronto and Montreal were invited to apply with two stadiums – BMO Field/Stade Saputo and The Stadium Formally Known as SkyDome/Olympic Stadium – and the rest of the cities – Ottawa, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver are basically the default cities that pop up in these conversations.

    The two biggest questions among the included cities might be Montreal and Calgary. The Big O is an old 43 years now. It’s hard to imagine it not being held together by duct tape and empty bottles of Old Vienna by 2026. Saputo is the smallest of the stadiums included. It would take a major renovation to get up to the required size (although with the Habs having never hosted an outdoor NHL game that might be of interest to the city).

    Calgary has no legitimate option other than to build something new. McMahon Stadium is already 57 years old and it’s never been called anything other than functional, even by its fans. It seems likely that Calgary has been included to add further support to an ongoing effort to completely overhaul the city’s sports infrastructure. Calgary wants to build a new hockey rink, multipurpose stadium and host the 2026 Winter Olympics. Hosting a couple extra World Cup games a few months after the big party would be the icing on that very expensive cake.

    Mexico only put three cities forward, so you’d imagine they plan an even split of games. That’s not in Canada’s nature – the games here will be split equally between the east and the west. 

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    • Nailed it.  This is Renard's way.  Did the math and value calculations.   
    • His option has been declined by CF Montreal. https://en.cfmontreal.com/news/cf-montreal-exerices-options-on-four-players-for-the-2024-season It looks like he was on $95k USD. https://mlsplayers.org/resources/salary-guide How much do you think of his salary was paid by Ottawa and how much was paid by Montreal? Do you think he would sign directly for Ottawa again at a lower wage or try his luck outside the CanPL?
    • Apparently it’s $275k, which no, isn’t massive, but that’s the 11th highest salary on the team, comparable to players like Robert Taylor and Billy Sharp, but I also think he’s likely going to look for a raise. To your point, no it’s not egregious for a bench player, but Montreal is an extremely cheap team. He’s earning more than Choiniere, more than Lassiter, more than Corbo, a full $100k more than Waterman. Montreal want their bench players to be local guys like Kone, Vilsaint, Saliba, guys that can come in, get paid like $75k/yr and play like the rent is due (which it likely is).    edit: per @Olympique_de_Marseille above I may not be looking at the right salary numbers, but I do think the bottom line is that Montreal doesn’t want to pay guys six figures unless they’re going to earn a couple million off the transfer. They want to cycle in unheralded local guys and hope that they can get transferred before the salary increase kicks in.
    • I wouldn't say that. He was the focal point in attack on a bad Valour team that lost more than they won. It would be nice to see him contribute on a contender
    • Yes he was, several years ago, but the guy has 30MLS games under his belt, I hope he swill catch on with another MLS club.  But maybe like Crepeau or Sirois he still needs to drop down, really kill it for a season before he can catch back on in MLS.  
    • I think @InglewoodJack is looking at it the right way. https://mlsplayers.org/resources/salary-guide His salary was $319K USD in 2023. https://en.cfmontreal.com/news/cf-montreal-exerices-options-on-four-players-for-the-2024-season But what was the clause for his option year 2024? This tweet from former #CanMNT player Tesho Akindele... ...makes me think his 2024 option would have been at least 50k more, so at least ~370k USD. If I was CF Montréal, I'd sign ZBG again at ~190k USD if I could, but not for anything close to 400k. For perspective Choinière was on 277k USD in 2023. So I can't fault CF Montreal too much on this.  
    • Halifax has temporary bleachers and shipping containers with food trucks on a dirt lot. Edmonton has a small concrete grandstand and temporary bleachers with a little concession stand on pavement and artificial turf. Very similar setups, but one draws well and one didn't.  Halifax has succeeded because CPL provided the city with an exciting entertainment option and a cool factor that drew people in. Edmonton failed because the owners had no clue how to operate a fucking soccer team and pissed off youth clubs, supporters and casual fans. This despite new GM after new GM claiming they could fix the attendance issues. No one wanted to even entertain the thought of buying FC Edmonton given the owners insistence on having their NASL debts made whole, and yet York, who on paper are just as bad and have legitimate competition for the sport in the same city, were just purchased. The Elks and the CFL are not the root of soccer not succeeding in Edmonton.
    • Hmm, I look at this the opposite way.  You cull the herd, if Rea or Assi are not what fits, let them go and focus on Saliba, Vilsant, Zouhir or the next round of academy kids.   Only so many can be worked in at once and they dont need to stockpile the kids like TFC if they arent going to realistically get games.  I hate to see them cut, but it might be for the best for everyone.  
    • I think more USL players move on than CPL players. I think this perception might be because Canada has such a smaller talent pool that when a single one of our guys gets a move or even gets a trial, it’s big news, but the US get these moves much more frequently, and to better teams. That’s not to count the higher number of international players in the USL also moving around. For comp’s sake, this current season, USL has sent 3 players abroad- Wynder to Benfica for €1.12M, Illoski to the Danish league for €200k, and Osundina to feyenoord for another €200k. The CPL has transfered zero abroad. Last year, the USL sent 5 abroad to the CPL’s 4, however, a player was sold to Rennes for €630k, 4 players ended up on solid MLS squads like Cincinnati, St. Louis and Dallas. Last season, Diaz was the only 6 figure CPL transfer and per transfermarkt, only one of 2 CPL transfers ever that were 6 figures. I don’t know that this list is complete and I don’t think that transfer values are the definitive mark of a successful league, but I think being that the CPL has fewer teams, being that we have fewer players, every time we hear that a guy like Dan Nimick has premier league interest or Victor Loturi is going to Scotland, it’s massive, but the USL is putting guys in top 7 leagues which I don’t think the CPL will do for some time unless Tahid has an insane season next year or some wunderkind comes out of nowhere.    Re: your point about Zouhir being in a good situation, that’s a big part of this too, I just think there are a lot more good situations in the USL than CPL. I think playing for Forge or Cavalry is certifiably better than playing for a number of USL teams, but if he can go to San Antonio, Louisville, Indy, I think those are very strong teams. 
    • His wages aren't that high though, are they? IF I am accurate and he is in the 200-250K range, that's not cheap for a super sub, but it's not exorbitant for a player like him, who Montreal misused at times in my opinion. I think he's a starter in this league, so if you're another club looking for a starter or potential starter who knows the league, is 250k plus an international out of the question?  I prefer France though, or Belgium. 
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