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    Halfway right

    Duane Rollins

    Talk about burying the lead. 

    Toronto FC fans got a surprise yesterday and not one that they would have been looking forward to. That Champions League spot that many were looking forward to is not just delayed until next February -- it's been taken away completely. The news was almost hidden in a release announcing the extension of the Canadian Championship to include the winner of the PLSQ and League1 Ontario. 

    So, to re-cap, the CSA got one thing right and one thing very wrong.

    Let's start with the wrong. Appreciating the fact that a lot of people in this country love it when Toronto gets screwed, there is no denying that they did, in fact, get screwed here. Yes, there was a bit of an issue to fix -- CONCACAF's change in format made it a long wait for the qualifying team -- but the CSA chose quite possibly the least sporting solution available to them. TFC won the Voyageurs Cup on the field and the CONCACAF spot that went with it should have stayed with them.  A year where the Cup did not have a CCL spot would not have been the end of the world. In fact, it may have given more opportunity to young Canadians to play in the competition as the teams would have very likely rotated (as an aside, the CSA also added a Canadian quota for starters this year -- each team will need to start three Canucks each game.

    The CSA did provide a slight advantage by allowing TFC to host the one game playoff. Obviously, if TFC wins the 2017 Voyageurs Cup they do not need to play itself for the berth.

    Unfair or not, it's done now and the Reds will need to get down to the business of repeating as champions if the CCL is to make a long awaited return to T.O. 

    For the D3 level teams the long wait to get a shot at the Canadian Championship is almost over. The specific format of the 2018 Cup has not been released yet (hopefully because they are waiting to add a few more teams in a, say, new league...), but whatever it is it will include at least two D3 teams. It won't include the Canadian PDL teams. The likely reason? The CSA wants those teams to play in Canadian leagues and this might be the incentive to get them to make that choice on their own.

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    I've also heard the senior men's amateur national champions will be added as well at some point. 

    At the very least it will be eye opening I think for the guys who have talked about being better than every pro team for 20 years. 

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    • It's been a rough landing for him, that much is certain.  However Lille know what they signed up for, it's up to the coach to discuss with David what is going well and what is not going well.  What he's comfortable vs what he's not comfortable with.  The coach needs to go back to the videos to see what kind of player he has in his hands.  He needs to look at the spider chart to see and understand what David does well and what he doesn't.  Where did most of his goals come from?  Where was he getting the ball to rack up those assists? etc..... At the moment it looks like a 16 year old bought a Ferrari and can't get it out of 1st gear.  
    • I'm not sure that I've seen Lille attempt any exchanges of short, quick passes anywhere near the opposition box in the 5 games I've watched this season. So, I'm curious how/why you've come to this conclusion.
    • I sort of predicted this would happen. Probably lessens the chances of Forge hosting any games.  
    • I recall being disappointed with David's lack of involvement in the USA games last year.  He was a non factor in those games.   He really doesn't see much of the ball with Lille. You dont see him running at the defence with the ball or making any nice passes.  The only time he seems to get the ball its to pull the trigger, and its not going in.   Anyway, its not easy being a record signing for the first place club in a top 5 league, at striker no less.  He needs our collective support.  
    • I dont think he is done at Lille, its been under ten games and hes their most expensive signing ever.  Its not the best fit in the world for David but he really should have about 4 goals now. Sure he missed the pen but he did draw it so he is doing something right. 
    • Two big news today..schelotto gone..results werent good enough..but it has to be said that players overall were bad and should perform much better than that no matter who is the coach..and final standings will be determined by points per game LA Galaxy relieve head coach Guillermo Barros Schelotto of his duties MLS to use points per game to determine final 2020 regular season standings
    • Bamford is killing it at Leeds
    • Maturing a bit might have actually made him self-conscious in a way he wasn't before, considering the price tag and the expectations placed on him. Considering composure under pressure is his hallmark and a psychological trait, this seems plausible. Don't know how anyone could interpret that to mean that a 20 year old is moving past his prime.
    • I think it goes both ways. David repeatedly said Lille was where he wanted to go because of the playing time he would get, but what about the style of play?  It has been said that maybe he underestimated the level of play in France, but I believe he didn't give enough consideration for the style of play and whether he would be a fit for it. Or, maybe he did consider that and saw it as a chance to round out his game. "With guaranteed playing time I can learn to play in a different way", he may have figured. Only he and his advisors know.  Either way, I cannot help but wonder where he would be had he joined Leeds. Can't go back now though, he must make the most of it. He must succeed. 
    • Michele Paolucci talks about FC Manitoba: https://culturesoccer.com/2020/10/29/la-nouvelle-vie-de-michele-paolucci-a-winnipeg/
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