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  • CCL hype train goes west

    Duane Rollins

    As most know, the Vancouver Whitecaps became the third Canadian team to reach the CONCACAF Champions League semi-finals after their two leg win over the Red Bulls last month. In doing so they added to Canada's argument to be seeded in the new format, which starts later this year. With 16 teams in the knock-out phase it's hard to argue against Canada being placed in the top eight, actually. Gaining more spots is another story. Let's wait until the Canadian Premier League is involved before opening that can of worms. 

    At any rate, if the Whitecaps are to become the second hoser squad to make a final they have their work cut out for them. They have drawn Liga MX power Tigres -- they of three Mexica titles since 2011 and fresh off a CCL finals appearance.  In the requisite YouTube hype video released today the Caps have called the match-up David v Goliath. That might be doing a disservice to Goliath.  

    Speaking of the hype video:

    I'll leave it up to you, dear reader, to decide whether a team that claims it plays in #SoccerCityCanada (which by virtue of that claim means that they think the city you live in isn't) is deserving of #Canada4Caps. No one should feel an obligation to cheer for a club team just because they play in the same country as you, even if there are only five fully professional teams in your country. I doubt many Caps fans were cheering for TF...actually they might have been because, well. Seattle. That was a bad day for them, wasn't it?.

    If you do watch that video you'll note that it appears that the Caps are now fully boarding the Alphonso Davies hype train. Not gonna lie, the idea of seeing Davies line up against a top Mexican side is very appealing.

    Unless he decides to represent Liberia.

    I'm sure it will be fine.   

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    • For me the biggest issue after the Italian cavalry arrived last year was the lack of spine the team had. By that I mean the central areas of the team up top down to the keeper were woeful. Up top, Ayo had an off-year coming back from his ACL, Jimenez's deficiencies (lack of pace or aerial strength) really showed up once there was no #10 to feed him the ball. In the midfield they lost Osorio, Kaye got injured and didn't regain form until too late and Bradley Jr. is a complete sieve defensively, not able to cover the ground or get close enough to make any tackles - everything goes right through him. Salcedo was not DP material (which is the worrisome part when it comes to Bradley Sr.'s judgement, Mavinga's form had deteriorated and the keepers were woeful. I have not been a huge fan of Sean Johnson but he and Hedges should provide something of an upgrade, but they need another CB - MacNaughton has proven he can be a good and affordable depth piece but not sure he's an everyday starter. Not sold on O'Neill. As for up top, not sure about the Norwegian guy who was out of the league the last two years, the biggest hope may be Ayo regaining form and maybe linking up with Vazquez the way he used to with Pozuelo for 35 minutes a match on that front. But the biggest hold remains d-mid - unless Nelson gets converted to be a dual 6 alongside Bradley Jr. there doesn't seem to be anyone who can even deputize for Bradley. There seemed to be an abundance of kids waiting in the wings to take his spot, and it seems that the more Bradley deteriorates, the fewer options there are to replace him. Until that gets fixed, playoffs will be doubtful, it's still too big of a hole defensively in the team. They might be better off playing Vazquez as a 10 and then Kaye & Osorio in the middle behind him, with Bradley nailed to the bench, but not sure if Father is ever going to take off son - there is very little evidence of it from last season when it only happened once with 10 minutes to go in the home opener blow-out.
    • I can only think that the grass surface won’t be ready by mid April.  
    • I hope that the CSA has developed a scouting system that allows for these "new" players to be seen and evaluated fairly and regularly. Of course, the CSA needs to play friendlies!
    • Bilic used to coach Atiba, which should've left a good impression of Canadians on him.
    • Kone subbed out at the half in a 2-0 loss. Arfield was an unused sub in a 2-0 win. Wotherspoon subbed in at the 81st minute. Bair was an usued sub. Loturi subbed on in the 83rd minute of a 3-0 win. Zanatta subbed on at the half in a 1-0 win.
    • Not always going to be Sunshine and roses boys 
    • I don't think so, actually. Looks like a single digit, but Kennedy wears #22. I think it's one of the DMs. Jahn played with two DMs in this game. 
    • I'm at their game, starting in 5. Blasco told me he's returning to Cambodia for the new season.
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