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    • Which is kind of funny that they went to USSDA for better competition. TFCIII averaged 2.0 points per game in USSDA and 2.1 points per game in L1O. I realize that doesn't tell the whole story, but it seems like they should have stuck with a league with less travel and more ability to scout Canadian players
    • Yes, their reserve teams would be superior. Yes, they'd raise the bar for the rest of those leagues. But no, VWFC and IMFC wouldn't see any improvement for their reserve squads by having them walk over amateur players week in and week out, so why would already cheap owners invest in that? I already said I agree that IMFC and VWFC (and TFC) should be placing teams in existing or upcoming high-level local amateur leagues, but the fully pro reserve squads shouldn't be those teams. If anything, I'd like to see a combined CPL-MLS reserve league in Canada. As for L1O improving, TFC3 (U-19s) was one of the best teams in that league last year. L1O didn't suddenly undergo a huge jump in quality over one offseason after losing several of its best players to the CPL and losing its entire fourth-place team to the USSFDA league. That's not how it works.
    • Take it to DMs.
    • They are free to help raise the level here in Canada. If their reserve teams would be as superior as you imply, even better...forces everyone help to raise the bar Was... League 1 Ontario undeniably improved since then which CPL is demonstrating. I doubt Anthony Novak would be overwhelmingly out of his element in USL-1
    • They should be doing so, but they also need a higher calibre league for their reserves to play in (if they actually decide to spend money on such teams again, which is a big IF). TFCIII was already one of the best teams in Ontario's D3. TFCII is a step higher.
    • Anyone think this game versus TFc is worth attending. How depressing this season has been.  Saputo throwing good money after bad.  No culture change from Gilmore yet!   
    • No can do.  Our 2022 roster would be crazy different and wouldn’t look a whole lot different than our current squad.  This one is a nod to the youth movement we have alive and well.  Plus I don’t think it is too much of a jinx - I am going on the working assumption that we auto qualify for 2026. 
    • Thinking about 2026 before 2022 is bad luck!  Just change the title to "WC 2022 starting 11 predictions" and I'm down lol
    • The Don is nuts.  Good for Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal for spending millions of dollars on their rosters, that's there prerogative. If they have a problem with spending that much on the roster start developing players that can play at the MLS level and command lesser salaries.  If MLS clubs are spending money on academies that aren't producing MLS level players for them that is their issue.  Someone tell Barca to stop developing players that can't make their first team.  How much of that Alphonso Davies money is the CPL getting?
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