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    • Why not just start him and shift him up if Sane needs to be subbed out?
    • Considering people probably just got off a plane a few days ago from their vacay im not surprised 
    • Apparently Alaba out due to “muscular problems”. Still questioning the Davies bench. Bayern twitter responses are a mix of jokes about making to many videos with his girlfriend, while other suggesting he’s playing back up to Sane with Coman out. 
    • Alaba is not starting either  strange   
    • Premier League 2 Ben Paton starts for Blackburn U23 against Man City U23
    • FC Edmonton were eliminated on September 1st, Valour on the 5th, Ottawa on the 6th and York (stadium is under renovation) So the soonest the CSA could have worked on a venue would be September 2nd if they wanted the game in Edmonton, or the 6th if they wanted Winnipeg or the 7th if they wanted Ottawa. We don't know if they were working on it or not or how talks/none talks went with MLS about the week following the Island Games MLS announced their next set of games to be played in the US on the September 11th. I hope you realize that to get this done, this mean they were working on this at the very least a few weeks prior to that, end of August at the latest. By the time you had your first Island Games elimination, despite what was told to MLS, they had already moved forward with their schedule with or without consulting the CSA As @PaulV points out, MLS has its own priorities (revenues - TV -Sponsors). I'm adding that even if the CSA put its foot down and had a location & time locked down for the finals, MLS are under no obligation to comply. That's the reality of having our clubs in another association's league - they don't answer to the CSA   And again, even if the CSA said on September 2nd "Clarke Stadium - Edmonton" on September 23, guess what, as early as end of August, MLS had already decided to have the Canadian clubs move to the US in time for their first game starting on the same day as the CPL Finals. @PaulV brought a good point, parties are looking to pay their bills and fulfill their obligations first - that's an excellent point. My issue is playing in the winter - F no. Move it to spring when all the squads will be complete and will have been active
    • Thats my point and making Sancho a non factor. That's because Bayern press people off the pitch and the when they're forced to go over the top Davies wins foot races and out muscles people on 50 50 balls  Canada cannot play that way against Mexico or US or eventually hopefully against other nations that aren't the Cayman Islands. Ironically if we did want to press Davies would be most useful defending from the front. When we have to defend in a compact block im not sure he'll be that effective on the back line and i don't think he's necessarily great clearing balls in the air with his head. Im not sure I've ever seen him have to
    • Alphonso Davies starts on the bench for Bayern vs. Schalke.  
    • In a global pandemic where almost everyone in spectator sports is losing heaps of money, the stuff that pays the bills get prioritized and everything else gets put on the backburner, if not cancelled. No different from hockey's IIHF who just recently announced that all their youth tournaments are being cancelled except for the World Juniors (U-20) in Edmonton. Surprise, surprise, it's the cash cow that gets the TV money. The MLS is just trying to pay the bills and satisfy the TV contracts with their regular season. The CPL is keeping in the public eye and generating content for Mediapro with the Island Games. Sad reality is that few people really care about the Canadian Championship and it pays the bills for no one. It will get played 'someday' but not at the expense of other games that actually do have a more tangible financial impact. Who knows if and when the CONCACAF tournaments will be played. International travel is not going to get easier for a while. In 2021, World Cup qualifying will probably be a priority along with once again, the domestic club seasons. Makes no sense to be upset at people who are just trying to keep solvent and keep their leagues' head above water.
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