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    • He was linked to Chile a few years back. I believe universidad de Chile, which is a big club.  They have strict rules on foreigners there so I have no doubt he could find a spot on a squad. 
    • How is anything he said just considered banter? Seriously? But fair enough...I'll rescind the offer of meeting him in an alley. Probably a little over the top and said in the heat of the moment. Still an extremely scummy view of things by him but whatever right...it's just banter.
    • Portuguese Primeira Liga Vitoria starts for Moreirense away to Rio Ave.   
    • 5 changes from Liverpool from a quick look.
    • Yes! This must have been thought by all of us as we watched the highlights.  He’s an absolute lock for the XI, as Davies and David, anytime he’s called up. 
    • did they heavily rotate? 
    • Unfortunately lose 4-1; he picks up a yellow.
    • Atiba and JDG were  strong and skilled on the ball ..helpful with the high press we often see when playing strong Concacaf teams.  Eustaquio has that and a very quick release. In his first highlights video it was evident  he had that quality and yesterday's volley pass to the RW which ended in Stephen scoring was a glimpse of how he could spring Davies and David on the break.
    • The stock market in the US has reached all times highs during Trump's tenure, but this is a measure of wall street, not main street. Main street is still hurting. In fact, most of the stock market is too, but it is being pulled up on the strength of tech stocks. The 4 biggest tech stocks make up around 40% of the NASDAQ and a similarly absurd proportion of the S&P 500. So things are not as rosy as they seem on the surface. Even amongst the best companies there is growing inequality, as the rich are getting richer. Another consequence of debt-driven inflation perhaps. That is not to say things have not improved for some. Jobs have been coming back from overseas, which has made a bit of a difference. GM, Ford and Carrier are just some of the companies that have moved back, creating jobs and providing relief for some Americans. As for Trump and the election, the winner of Florida has won the past 6 elections, and Democrats cannot win Florida unless they win Miami-Dade by 30 points. Right now the early in-person results actually have Trump up by a few points, far from the 30 point lead the Democrats need. Obviously this is insurmountable days before the election. Similar situations exist in other battle ground States, such as Pennsylvania, so the Democrats are in big trouble, it seems. Obviously we'll have to wait to see what happens with the mail-in votes, but 53% of Democrats have already voted, versus 25% Republicans, so there is a lot more votes to come from Republican voters, even when you factor the mail-in votes that have yet to be counted. So all signs seem to point to Trump winning handily. There is a major enthusiasm gap in his favour and Biden is campaigning in Minnesota, days before the election, in a State the Democrats haven't lost in like 25 years, so perhaps that is damage control, though that's just a matter of opinion. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news @longlugan, but you may have to deal with another four years of Trump by the looks of it. I hope you deal with it better than threatening to beat people up in an alley.
    • Tricky...yes. Pacy...most definitely not! 🙂  Unfortunately for him, he's an old-fashioned 10, when most of the top end of the game has moved on from using one.
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