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    • That's crazy. Pacific are still a young team. This rule could result in a lot of players being forced out of the league. 
    • I mean to have a break out season
    • With respect, this is demonstrably not true.  David has got much better since I have been watching him in the Belgian league and they have very few top players. I can say the same thing about Larin this year, who is further down the development path.  There is a lot to be said for stability, especially playing with an offensive-minded team and getting games in Europe.  If the right situation comes along, with a team with a pedigree of developing and most importantly playing young players, he should consider and probably take it.  But I have seen many players from Belgian-like leagues with huge numbers do nothing in the Premier League, halting their development, no matter who they are training with.  I want the best for him, long term, playing for Canada and that does not always mean going to the biggest club or league right away or becoming some nomad, like so many of our players have. I don't think that is selling him short.  He is one of my favourite players right now and I love watching him play.  Let the Americans boast about how many players they have in the top whatever leagues, as long as we do better than them in 6 years (my realistic plan), I don't care.  
    • a cb getting regular minutes at mls level should be called..just too weak currently at that position
    • Did anyone watch LA last night in Champions League? They lost 2-0 but Jakovic was, for the most part, solid in his performance away to Liga MX side Leon.  We know CB is not our strongest spot, so does Dejan deserve to be in the conversation, or do you need to see more to be convinced? It was said pre-match that he's had a good pre-season and he was trusted in the 2019 MLS Cup playoffs... I have noticed that Vitoria has been left on the bench recently for Moreirense. Should Jakovic be rotated in? Perhaps to give Vitoria the chance to win back his club spot? Or, do we bring him in and free up Cornelius to play in the Olympic qualifiers? To early to have this talk?  (Beats talking about Robert being banned though...)
    • He did not get banned for his views on the CSA, or anything else for that matter. He got banned for completely random and unprovoked harassment of one of the very few female posters here. I seriously wondered whether he had lost his marbles. A mod stated the ban was permanent. If it has now been lifted then why does he need a new login name? And if it hasn't been lifted then why is it not being enforced? I'm certainly not in favour of banning people lightly or because of their views but in this case I thought the permanent ban was appropriate.
    • That is incorrect, with 8 clubs we get 1 spot, just like Belize, with 10 we would get 2, just like Nicaragua, and with 12 we would get 3, just like the other Central American leagues. The only exception is Honduras who get 3 spots with 10 clubs, but they're indisputably one of the top countries in CONCACAF League, while the CPL brand-new and has yet to make any real waves in the competition.
    • 1999 born - so they just have Verhoeven and Hojabprour. 
    • They still have a few roster spots open and only need to add one U21 player. I would imagine they would probably add a U21 player from the island
    • And 6 more that are 21 or 22. That’s half the roster that are U23. They kept their young core from last year. They’re just a year older. It’ll be interesting to see what they do when half the team ages out in the same season. What is the cutoff for this year?
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