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    2019 Top Canadian Soccer Clubs – May Elo-ratings Update

    April finished off with a number of big wins and troubling losses. With the top-4 leagues, comprising 12 Canadian Teams, now actively playing, there’s been some interesting movement that is important to watch.

    It all came down to the final weekend, but Montreal Impact FC have flipped the script and taken the top spot from Toronto FC. With an elo-rating gap of only 7.877, this could flip back pretty easily with a pair of results.

    Similarly, Pacific FC are the first CPL club to reach top-of-the-table. With only 2-matches played in the league so far, that victory could be fleeting, especially with MacNaughton out of Wednesday’s match against Valour FC due to the two yellows he received Sunday.


    Read  more on the NSXI Network.

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    • I'm also a bit concerned with the players motivation. Herdman better be the master motivator because asking Alphonso Davies to go from Chapions League 70k people in the stands to playing Montserrat in front of 70 people is gonna start to become a tough sell
    • Jamaica and El Salvador have both earned promotion to League A for the next cycle. Tonight we'll find out if Saint Vincent or Suriname becomes the 4th team to promote to League A. Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, and Haiti are all getting relegated down to League B. Tomorrow Bermuda will likely join them, but if they can muster up a tie against Mexico it will actually be Panama that get relegated to League B! Confirmed in League A next tournament USA Canada Mexico Honduras Martinique Costa Rica Curacao Grenada El Salvador Jamaica Can still be promoted to League A Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Suriname Can still retain League A spot Panama Bermuda
    • The Concacaf nations league
    • If you said something like "you have to play with the hand you are dealt" I would agree. Saying we deserve what we get is a half truth at best. Our ranking is not an accurate reflection of where we are in my opinion. Yes, we have had a couple chances to rectify that (Haiti and maaaybe the USA away game) but it's not exactly fair to say that if we were a top 6 team we should have been able to beat the number 2 team in the region back to back. Sure, on one hand we haven't been playing friendlies which we could have done to increase (or decrease) our ranking. But we also didn't have the benefit of a Caribbean Championship or Central American championship tournament, which plays a roll in where we started out. We also had the handicap of having a couple of competitive wins (this year alone) stricken from the record because they were against non-FIFA nations. We lose a game against USA in USA, and that means we don't deserve to be in the hex? El Salvador loses to Dominican Republic in Nations League, and Bermuda in Nations League qualifying, but they (likely) deserve to be in the hex? We lose a game against Haiti and that means we don't deserve to be in the hex? Costa Rica loses a game against Haiti in the Gold Cup, and also tied them 2 times in the Nations League, but Costa Rica still deserves to be in the hex? And Haiti doesn't deserve to be in the hex? I'm sorry, but none of this is deserved. But yes, the team has to deal with it and play who is put in front of them. We'll have to cheer against El Salvador and get some wins in friendlies, and see where we end up. To your point about us finishing 4th at best if we were in the hex, I do think we would have a shot to finish ahead of anyone (though not necessarily everyone) outside of Mexico, but you got me curious. I checked our last home and away results against the top 5 teams in the region. In those 10 games we got 10 points. 10 points hasn't been good enough to finish 4th in the hex in the last 4 World Cup qualifying cycles (I didn't look further back than that), so you do have a point there.
    • I have to admit I had not seen much of his club play, judging by where he had played and where he was playing I figured he had some pedigree, injuries can change everything, I wasn't expecting him to start though! From the brief sample size I have seen from him, he maybe should have started or at least come in earlier, hindsight is great but Herdman is responsible for these decisions and I don't think he got it right!
    • Unfortunately FIFA is a shady and corrupt system, so you almost have to do this to avoid getting gamed by all parties involved.  We absolutely should be looking to find a good team that would be willing to play an experimental side.  
    • Great to hear, thanks for sharing that. I looked for some chatter this morning online and found none, which prompted me to make that post. I very much hope he finds his way into the Cruz Azul team, because he very clearly has the requisite talent to be a regular in Liga MX based on what I have seen.
    • I remember that well, we got CONCACAFed with an awful penalty in Guatemala then gave up away goals at home before we started a failed comeback, I'm still bitter John Fitzgerald didn't go in earlier!  https://www.canadasoccer.com/?gid=286&t=match
    • Does it matter though? Even if we play in the Hex we still finish fourth, if we are lucky. I definitely don't have confidence we can finish top 3 if we aren't willing to be more pragmatic. Perhaps Herdman will show us he can do that between now and fall, but I can't put my faith in "maybes". As things stand now we finish outside the top 3 in the Hex, even with our level of talent.
    • Just looking through some translated chatter from the last few days (post US game) and there are some claiming his debut for us may given Cruz Azul cause to reconsider.  Despite the scoreline, he played well and quite confident.  The stuff about being sent on "vacation" before the game made it seem like a done deal, but you never know - he may still fight his way back into their plans.
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