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    • Article in the Province with some new tidbits: Manchester United was the first major club linked to him, with their head North American scout Jorge Alvial, raving about the 15-year-old midfielder, sending upwards of 40 glowing reports back to his bosses, rating him higher than Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic. In December of 2017, Whitecaps coach Carl Robinson wanted to take Davies to England for a trial with two Premier League clubs, but Huoseh, was hesitant about that arrangement. That following January, Huoseh had arranged with United for Davies to train with the team for two weeks, but this time, Robinson shot it down, saying Davies wasn’t ready to train at that level. Once news of Bayern’s interest broke, several other suitors joined the fray. Stuttgart and United were active bidders, with Barcelona also coveting Davies for their second team. Paris Saint-Germain, in a connection brokered by then-assistant coach Pa-Modou Kah, was a late and ultimately futile entry into the field. The Whitecaps and Bayern hammered out the details on a transfer agreement, finally settling on a fee reported to be €11.3M. Ten per cent of that fee is supposed to go to the player. It’s not uncommon for MLS clubs to request that clause be waived, but Huoseh’s initial shock turned to disappointment when the Whitecaps asked Davies to give up that money. Huoseh got Bayern to up their salary offer to cover the 10 per cent he’d had expected from Vancouver. The Bayern guys, you’re dealing with people who know the ins (and outs). Dealing with them was completely … day and night between them and the Whitecaps. Huoseh and Davies then hopped on a red-eye flight to Edmonton, where they signed the five-year deal in a quiet corner of the airport with Davies’ parents. https://theprovince.com/sports/soccer/mls/vancouver-whitecaps/done-deal-how-alphonso-davies-record-setting-transfer-to-bayern-munich-came-to-fruition  
    • This is very disappointing.  But I guess that's the cost of signing for a big club.  I think we'd all like to see what Liam can do on loan in the Championship, or even a league like Denmark or the Netherlands, but signing your career over to a club for 3 more years is a steep price to pay.  My main concern is that he is playing regularly by the time we are playing important world cup qualifiers next year. We all want him to be a consistent, legitimate option for us. Right now, he's still very much a wildcard. 
    • Congrats on the little one spitfire.
    • Well I’m definitely going to see if I can get me a box of goobers, totally forgot about them, hopefully they are still on the market .
    • Was finally able to get in and reply....   ill be the first to say that I rate Liam highly and have always liked him. i honestly feel that he could be as good as Davies and David at a point. Watch him over the next 2-3 years.   truth be told at 20 he would not be with Liverpool if they did not rate him. They clearly see a path for him if they won’t let him leave on loan without resigning and if they’ve turned down multiple bids. It also means other teams think he can play.
    • I want nothing. Played soccer this morning. It was a blast. Between 3 groups that showed there was over 60 people at the field. The largest group ended up leaving for another field. They had coaches and everything. Not sure what they're gearing up for? Beautiful day. I hope you enjoyed your Sunday morning.
    • Liverpool is pretty stacked at Liams position he needs playing time  he should either leave the reds or continue with a loan somewere
    • I'm really not sure what you want at this point.  No response on one thread has you saying "Well I guess I'm right."  A presented counter-argument (a number of which have proven you wrong) has you making a quip or a joke rather than any further counter-argument..  You've failed to lay out any conditions in which you can be proven wrong, failed to engage in the "reasoned argument" you keep wanting, and then moaned about how everyone is too worried about everything and won't engage with you for a serious discussion about it.  You live in a city that clamped down fast, then responded with "why was everyone worried?  It's not that bad" while watching cites else where struggle much more. Honestly, I hope you, your friends, and your family don't get sick.  But damn, you've been a real ass about a lot of this.
    • hahaha, yeah we dont want our superkid playing with CR7! What a waste that would be eh
    • Liams at the best team in the world atm. Pretty amazing if you ask me, these are amazing times for Canada soccer! I'm a diehard ManUtd supporter and even I want to buy a Millar LFC shirt haha
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