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    • For some of these dudes I wonder why they opt to stay in Italy at the semi-pro level rather than see if the CPL is an option. You never hear about guys making it out of Serie D.
    • I think rather than even calling it Div 2, you just call it a reserve league.  Let the MLS clubs drop their reserve teams in.  Let other teams that don't have the finances/abilities to get to CPL play if they want.  Let any CPL team with the ambition/finances put a team in.  Let any independent teams play in the Voyagers Cup.  By calling it a reserve league you definitively put it below CPL, while also not confusing it with any future CPL Div 2 (which I have my doubts will ever come about, but that's a separate discussion).
    • Joakim's loan at Monopoli has ended, and he has also been released by Lecce. He never played in a league match with Milli while on loan.   https://www.salentosport.net/lecce-news/lecce-acquah-e-saponara-avanti-tuttta-dubickas-sbarca-in-lega-pro/ He has signed with Nardo in Serie D. https://t.co/8Jc0BzArWM?amp=1
    • Did Ozzie steal your login? Had to scroll up for a second then! Good info though and never discount the possibilities!   
    • UT does not think 14 clubs is necessary. What kind of thinking is this? If the demand is there and the support exists, necessity does not factor into the equation.  Anyhow, back to the topic at hand.  I am happy Atleti are investing into the league and happy for Ottawa, but, and maybe I'm just being greedy, you'd think Atleti would have went after the lucrative GTA market instead. Perhaps this might be the first of many foreign footholds that will occur.
    • Hoilett goes 84' in a 1-1 v. the Brummies.  Nothing of note from him in the highlights. 
    • It seems they are simply brokers for smaller and less powerful agents. Which makes sense, they are meeting a need, which is where minor agents representing lower-level pros do not have the scale to reach the complexity and diversity of low-level pro leagues around the world. The only long term question I would have is if other similar entities appear, and if that will mean exclusive listing or multi-listing.  I also suppose that commissions will just be divided up amongst more agents and player brokers, which is what happens now in any case, commissions on transfers are sliced up amongst many of the dealing parts.  
    • True, but unlike the other 7 teams, the project in Ottawa is part of a strategy we are not entirely party to. None of the rest had to really think about such considerations.  If for Atlético Madrid, the presence of the original name is essential for justifying the investment, we have to take it. Better the team with Atletico Ottawa (which I admit has zero ring to it) than no team at all.  I think they should go for a solution like Ottawa A's, which plays with "Ehs", suggested by another poster, and does in fact mean Athletics--but could also be Atléticos, or whatever, it is ambiguous linguistically. Not so good in French, admittedly. But gives you a lot to work with , apart from having that quirky Canadian in-joke along with it. 
    • Seems at the Belgian League Gala Awards, he was voted fifth for top player and he lost out on Most Promising Player (or something to that effect) of the season award to Yari Verschaeren of Anderlecht. Coach Jess Thorup said, "It was very nice to see all colleagues next to a competition, but of course the whole of KAA Gent hoped that Jonathan David  would become the Promise of the Year . Unfortunately it should not be. Jonathan is mentally strong but if you believe that you can win something, perhaps you have already thought about what you want to say in your word of thanks and can dedicate that prize to your deceased mom, it is of course a big disappointment. He talked to him for a while and also the day after, he didn't quite understand that he finished fifth in the ranking but did not win   Promising Player of the Year. Very unfortunate, but that is now in the past. Now he just has to talk back with his feet and I'm sure Jonathan will do that. "     : http://www.voetbalnieuws.be/news/475673/ik-heb-met-jonathan-gepraat-hij-begreep-het-niet
    • I agree with Cheeta above that the overall state of things is amazing, we are so lucky to have seen this come through. Which is why it is much better to see growth, movement, every season, just a bit, especially when it comes to expansion. We are also proving that in a relatively short period a team can be put together. Maybe a team needs to be ready before December, but still: we now have the protocols and experience in place to see a team competiting without needing even a year's lead time. We need another 5 cities to ride the wave, as with 12 teams we have a strong-enough structure. I don't even think 14 is necessary. I do not even think we'll get to a real second tier ever, or pro-releg either. A twelve team league with stability is fine by me.  One reason to keep the expansion fees down is to ensure this, as if we price ourselves out we'll simply stall growth, as what we really need are investors improving stadiums, spending their millions on facilities, and players. If money is limited, let the ambitious owner groups in at reasonable fees, but just demand they have a long-term committment, improve facilities, do the right marketing, grow youth soccer in their area, and be competitive. That benefits the entire league more than the existing teams dividing up a few more million between them.
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